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  • Cathédrale Sainte-Marie de Bayonne

    Cathédrale Sainte-Marie de Bayonne

    Soaring Gothic spires.

    Built in the Gothic style on the site of a Romanesque cathedral that had been burned to the ground in 1258, Notre Dame Cathedral of Bayonne dates from the thirteenth century.

    The building was completed in the nineteenth century with the addition of its pointed spires soaring 80 metres into the sky.

    The cathedral's Treasury houses many liturgical objects including the shrine of Saint-Léon.

    The stained glass windows date from the Renaissance, several relate Bible stories and the life of Christ, including those found in the St. Jerome Chapel.

    Since 1998 the cathedral has been listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. 

  • Château Vieux de Bayonne

    Château Vieux de Bayonne

    The old fortified castle.

    A symbolic spot at the historic centre of Bayonne, the Château Vieux ("Old Castle") was built on the site of an ancient Roman camp. In the seventeenth century, the architect Vauban destroyed its central tower which was known as the "Tour de Floripes".

    Today, it is still possible to observe the main structure of the castle, punctuated with turrets at the corners. 

  • Musée de Borda

    Musée de Borda

    A museum with a rich archeological collection.

    The permanent collection at the De Borda Museum comprises a prestigious array of archeological findings. Combine your visit to the museum with a visit to the crypt where you will see the relics of a Gallo-Roman temple dating from the 1st century. One room is dedicated to Jean-Charles de Borda, who appears in the Alembert encyclopedia and was the author of many important scientific works. He was also a creator of navigation instruments, and participated in a Meridian Arc measurement to establish the metric system.

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