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  • Massif du Mont-Blanc

    Massif du Mont-Blanc

    Mont Blanc breaks all records!

    At a height of 4,810m, Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in France. Located in the French Alps, it also extends into Italy and Switzerland.

    The Aiguille du Midi, the highest of the Chamonix peaks on Mont Blanc, is also the location of a radio broadcasting centre.

    From the Midi cable car, visitors can ascend to the Panoramic Mont Blanc, the highest cable car in the world, high above the glaciers. From there, skiers hurtle down the powdery slopes of the legendary Vallée Blanche.

    Visitors can also ascend to the Mer de Glace (France's highest glacier) by boarding the Montevers railway, an institution since 1909.

    If you are on the lookout for even more sensations, let yourself be tempted by the Mont-Blanc tramway, the highest railway line in France ascending to the "eagle's nest" at 2 372m above sea level!

    Decidedly, Mont Blanc breaks all records!

  • Office de tourisme de Flaine

    Office de tourisme de Flaine

    Architecture and ecology.

    Tourists travel to Flaine to ski in winter, or to go rock-climbing and hiking in the summer. It is an impressive mountain resort with all the latest infrastructure.

    Established in 1968 by Eric Boissonnas, a geophysicist, the station is a listed Historic Monument. The resort is indeed fascinating in terms of architecture and design; in particular, notice that the entire resort was established in a natural arena formation situated at 1600 metres in altitude.

  • Le Brévent cable car

    Le Brévent cable car

    Nature in all its majesty.

    Take the Brevent cable car from Chamonix and discover the mountains. When you attain the heights of Brévent-Flégère, nature unfolds in all its majesty before visitors.

    Take advantage of one of the finest views of Mont Blanc, the Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix and the Diosaz Valley.

    Accessible in summer and winter, this place is the starting point for numerous hiking, snowshoeing or skiing outings. Paragliders also benefit from the setting to soar above the mountains.

  • Musée alpin de Chamonix

    Musée alpin de Chamonix

    Mountain-dwelling folk.

    The Alpine Museum is situated in what used to be known as the Chamonix-Palace. It is home to a major collection of print art works created from the late 18th to the early 20th century. These works are a history book in themselves, retracing the growth and development of the city and valley over more than a century. Visitors can also discover the first tools and everyday objects used by the first alpine mountaineers.

  • Espace Tairraz - Musée des cristaux

    Espace Tairraz - Musée des cristaux

    Alpine history in a speck of quartz…

    The layout of the Musée des Cristaux in Chamonix is unique, offering an intelligent display for visitors to understand the history and evolution of quartz crystals (some of which are very rare) as well as mineralogy more generally. The visitor thus has an opportunity to discover the wealth and beauty of Alpine natural heritage through an understanding of crystal formation.

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