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Resort Fuerteventura Origo Mare

Un animado resort en un entorno protegido
100 carretera Majanicho, 35650 Lajares, España
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Te gustará
  • Un entorno natural, 150 km de playas doradas y sol durante diez meses al año.
  • El Craterpark, un espacio de 5000 m², 1000 m² de los cuales son zonas acuáticas con piscina de olas y toboganes.
  • Clubes para niños de 4 a 17 años incluidos.
Ventajas del resort
  • Club para niños
  • Espacio acuático
  • Paquete Media pensión
  • Se admiten mascotas
  • Wifi en los alojamientos
  • Climatizado
  • Parking
Debido a trabajos de mantenimiento, las piscinas para niños del Craterpark estarán cerradas como sigue: -Castle Pool : cerrada del 02.12.19 al 20.12.19. -Piscina de olas y escalada: cerrada del 08.01.20 al 31.01.20 -Piscina con tobogán: cerrada del 03.02.20 al 14.02.20 Sin embargo, durante este tiempo, contaremos con atracciones inflables como una opción de diversión adicional y, por supuesto, todas las otras piscinas del Craterpark funcionarán normalmente.
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1 noche del 10/12/2019 al 11/12/2019
Pierre & Vacances Villages
Resort Fuerteventura Origo Mare
1 noche del 10/12/2019 al 11/12/2019

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Estacion Fuerteventura

Todas las actividades y eventos de la estación Fuerteventura

Lugares de interés en los alrededores Fuerteventura

  • things_to_see_and_do things_to_see_and_do Things to see and do
  • shopping shopping Shopping
  • Yolo Riders

    Yolo Riders

    The Yolo Riders Water sports Centre offers every option imaginable for water activities in Fuerteventura. Thanks to its great location, you'll always be close to spots for surfing, kite-surfing, paddle-boarding, windsurfing, snorkelling... So many sporting activities to discover or rediscover. Children will be able to make the most of the centre's activities since there are packages tailored just for them.

  • Lagunas del Cotillo

    Lagunas del Cotillo

    North-west of the island of Fuerteventura you'll find the lagoons of Cotillo, a group of small beaches that provide a true haven of peace. The fine sand and turquoise crystalline waters are an undeniable attraction.
    With a bit of luck, you'll be able to enjoy the richness of the underwater life...
    These charming and exotic places are ideal for a day at the beach with family, but also, simply, to enjoy the natural beauty of the place.

  • El Cotillo Beach

    El Cotillo Beach

    During your stay in El Cotillo, you can enjoy a wander to see the church or the hermitage of Nuestra Señora del Buen Viaje, as well as discovering the numerous beaches. This coastline boasts a number of beaches which are popular among visitors and locals alike. Be aware that most of these beaches are nudist beaches. But you will surely be able to find a quiet spot to enjoy the beauty of the El Cotillo coast.

  • Natural park of Corralejo

    Natural park of Corralejo

    Going to the Corralejo natural park means having the chance to admire the fascinating scenery that is mainly comprised of sand dunes. The dunes are formed from the breaking down of the hard exoskeleton of mollusks, bivalves and other organisms. Underneath the sand dunes is an accumulation of volcanic rocks with knife-sharp edges, hidden under a depth of several metres of sand. You'll have understood: this area of 2600 hectares is fascinating.

  • Basilica of Candelaria

    Basilica of Candelaria

    Visit the Basilica of Candelaria, a religious edifice built in the 18th century, at a moment in history when a part of the bourgeoisie was moving to the north of the island. First and foremost, you’ll notice the strong contrast between the main white structure and the very dark tower (reminding us of the island’s volcanic origins). This darker structure acted as a watchtower from where eventual attackers could be spotted. You will also notice that the building is composed of three naves, each covered by a sloping roof. Inside, you can admire five oil paintings which decorate the altarpiece. They are ascribed to the painter Juan de Miranda, who is considered to be the most important 18th century Canary island artist.

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