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Hôtel El Puerto

Tu hotel frente a la playa
32 paseo Maritimo, 29640 , España
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  • La ciudad de Fuengirola, destino vacacional por excelencia, ubicada en la Costa del Sol.
  • Nuestros interiores, renovados y climatizados, cuentan con el máximo confort y algunos de ellos tienen vistas al mar.
  • La playa se encuentra a solo 30 m, y hay un restaurante en el hotel y un bar en la azotea.
  • Piscina exterior
  • Restaurante
  • Se admiten mascotas
  • WiFi en las habitaciones
La piscina y el skybar estarán cerrados del 13/01/2020 al 02/02/2020 por obras.
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3 noches del 15/12/2019 al 18/12/2019
Pierre & Vacances
Hôtel El Puerto
3 noches del 15/12/2019 al 18/12/2019

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Estacion Fuengirola

Todas las actividades y eventos de la estación Fuengirola

Lugares de interés en los alrededores Fuengirola

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  • bars_and_restaurants bars_and_restaurants Bars and restaurants
  • shopping shopping Shopping
  • Plaza de la Constitución

    Plaza de la Constitución

    Plaza de la Constitución was the first square in the city: its name dates back to 1841. The living proof of its history is the ficus tree planted in front of the Church of Virgen del Rosario, which sits on the square.
    This square is the nerve centre of the city, for residents and visitors alike, with its surrounding streets full of shops and restaurants.
    It's an extremely vibrant place which is always busy even on Sundays and public holidays.

  • Bioparc Fuengirola

    Bioparc Fuengirola

    The Biopark Fuengirola is a zoo that operates first and foremost with a deep respect for nature and for the conservation of various species. Thus the animals live in an environment corresponding to their natural habitat which has been recreated on site to enable them to live a more natural life. The idea is to break free from cage bars and concrete. Visitors are (almost) completely immersed in these natural habitats, thanks to a certain continuity between the space you occupy and those in which the animals live. This reinforces the magic of the encounter with rare and fascinating creatures.

    From the Sumatran tiger to the blue duiker, the animals that you have the opportunity to see here are often seriously endangered species which are conserved and protected in this sensitively-managed biopark. 

  • Fuengirola Plaza de Toros

    Fuengirola Plaza de Toros

    The bullfighting tradition is strongly anchored in Spain. So it’s only natural that Fuengirola has arenas that are situated in the town centre. This third category arena can seat up to 4000 spectators and has been inaugurated twice: once after its construction in 1962 and a second time in 2012 following its restoration. Of course, not just bull fighting events take place here; in the summer during the Feria del Rosario fiesta, there are also equestrian demonstrations.

  • Castillo de Sohail

    Castillo de Sohail

    The Castle of Sohail, destroyed and rebuilt several times, is one of Fuengirola's most emblematic monuments. Its history and architecture have made it a symbol of the city. The fortress is surrounded by powerful square towers. The castle has been transformed into an open-air auditorium that hosts several events in the year. Inside, a museum has been created to tell the story of this location.

  • Los Boliches

    Los Boliches

    The neighbourhood of Los Boliches in Fuengirola is considered by many to be the best in the town. This is the seafront area of ??the eastern side of the town.
    The place is extremely lively thanks to large number of bars, cafés and restaurants. A convivial atmosphere that's reinforced by the fact that the local residents are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality.
    Finally, the area has a rich historical past, the traces of which can still be seen in the remains of a temple, near San Rafael square.

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