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Isola 2000

Domaine Blanc -

Visuel panoramique Isola 2000

A voir, à faire Isola 2000

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Plus de 500 locations de vacances tout équipées en Europe
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Domaine skiable

Isola 2000

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ISOLA 2000 is the first resort of the southern Alps.
It offers at less than 100 km from Nice and the borders of Italy a 120 km range of slopes that extends from 1800 to 2610m
If you like moving, your major preoccupation will be to reconcile all what you feel like doing... or to choose between skiing, snowboarding, heliskiing, driving snowmobiles or cross kart, ice skating, snowshoe outing... ISOLA 2000 is a modern construction, based in a setting which guarantees snow in winter and sun in summer. The resort is composed by buildings facing the sun and the foot on the slopes. These buldings communicate with a long shopping arcade where you can find whatever your need for daily life in the ski resort : restaurants and bars, a movie, various shops, 2 mini markets, a tourist bureau.

Station Club
Station Club

Station alliant le modernisme, commodités pour tout le ski, accès aisés à de nombreux loisirs et animations nocturnes.

Nouvelles glisses
Nouvelles glisses

Station disposant d'espaces sécurisés spécifiques aux nouvelles glisses et de moniteurs pour l'initiation et le perfectionnement.

Site Nordique
Site Nordique

Station labellisée Nordique France ou proposant un domaine nordique exceptionnel en termes de longueur, d'entretien, avec skating et pas de patineur, l'encadrement pour initiation, le perfectionnement et l'accompagnement.

Station Isola 2000

Informations neige


Dernière chute de neige le 28 Novembre 2019

du N.C au N.C

Ouverture des remontées mécaniques
de 09h00 à 17h00

Retour à ski à la station
L’ensemble des secteurs de la station est assuré



de pistes dans la station

Domaine lié : N.C
(120 km de pistes)

Pistes ouvertes au total 41/45

Pistes vertes 6/7

Pistes bleues 19/22

Pistes rouges 13/13

Pistes noires 3/3


Ski nordique (4km)

Nombre de snowparks (3/1)

Itinéraire piétons (0km)

Itinéraire raquettes (4km)

Itinéraires traîneaux (0km)

Pistes de luge >1km

Zone débutant ou enfant ski tranquille

Zone ludique

Ski nordique (4km)

Nombre de snowparks (3/1)

Itinéraire piétons (0km)

Itinéraire raquettes (4km)

Itinéraires traîneaux (0km)

Pistes de luge >1km

Zone débutant ou enfant ski tranquille

Zone ludique

Dernière mise à jour le 14/03/2020 à 05:23



06420 ISOLA 2000 – Alpes du Sud
Office de Tourisme - Espace Mercantour
Galerie marchande - Le Pelevos
06420 - ISOLA 2000
Tel :

Voir ISOLA 2000 sur une carte

Accès bus

Nice : 90 km

Accès avion

Nice Côte d'Azur : 90 km

Accès train

Nice : 90 km

Villes/villages à proximité

Marseille : 280 km
Cannes : 120 km
Nice : 90 km

Activités et événements à découvrir

  • Cinéma Le Club 2000

    Cinéma Le Club 2000

    Every day, Cinéma Club 2000 d’Isola invites you to discover the latest releases within its viewing halls. Throughout the season, it offers a varied programme that will satisfy everyone, whether you’re a documentary enthusiast or a fan of blockbusters. If you don’t fancy putting on your skis or would prefer to simply relax in front of a movie, Club 2000 is guaranteed to help you unwind.

  • AT2000 - Snowmobiling

    AT2000 - Snowmobiling

    Discover the snowmobile tours offered by AT2000.
    Across forest trails and ski slopes, enjoy a new take on the Isola resort, and appreciate the beauty of its landscapes, accompanied by a guide.
    Thrills and breathtaking nature are guaranteed, in an outing like no other that's sure to delight the whole family.
    Tours also take place after dark during the adventure evenings.

  • Spa des Temps

    Spa des Temps

    In Isola 2000, the Spa des Temps is a wellbeing spa that follows the seasons. When you've chosen your favourite area, you can opt for one of the beauty treatments which will awaken your senses.

    The Spa des Temps changes with the seasons, the wellness cabins are in charming gardens. On offer are treatments including scrubs, massages, wraps, beauty treatments for the hands, feet, etc.

  • Aquavallée


    The Aquavallée complex is the ideal place to relax and have fun. From rowing, to diving, cycling or just relaxing in the water... Whatever area you choose to unwind in, the current will carry you to what really matters... you.

    Aquavallée is an aquatic centre with a 25m x 10m competition pool, a play area and 30m slide, a pool heated at 30°C for children, and "baby" pools with waterfalls, a relaxation area including sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, and a gym area with cardio-training and endurance activities.

  • Ice circuit

    Ice circuit

    Famous for hosting the renowned Andros Trophy, one of the biggest ice races, the Isola 2000 Ice Circuit offers dizzying sensations. At an altitude of 2000 metres, take on the snow and ice by driving racing cars for maximum thrills behind the wheel. In cars or karts, the pleasure of driving on ice is the same on this 800-metre-long course.

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