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Premium residentie Les Terrasses d'Arsella

Vakantiehuizen met privézwembaden en appartementen op 5 minuten van het strand
Route de Porto Vecchiaccio, 20137 , Frankrijk
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  • 5 verschillende soorten accommodaties met ingerichte terrassen. Sommige zijn ook voorzien van een privézwembad dat verwarmd is van april tot december
  • Het grote gemeenschappelijke buitenzwembad is verwarmd van 8 april tot 30 november. Toegankelijk voor alle gasten.
  • Mooie stranden op minder dan 5 minuten rijden met de auto.
Voordelen van de residentie
  • Privézwembad (bij het vakantiehuis) Privézwembad (bij het vakantiehuis)
  • Laadpalen voor elektrische voertuigen Laadpalen voor elektrische voertuigen
  • Parkeerplaats Parkeerplaats
  • WiFi beschikbaar in de accommodaties WiFi beschikbaar in de accommodaties
  • Airconditioning Airconditioning
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Studio Standaard 2 personen - Airconditioning - Ruim terras2 nachten van 29/09/2022 tot 01/10/2022
Boek uw vakantie
Studio Standaard 2 personen - Airconditioning - Ruim terras2 nachten van 29/09/2022 tot 01/10/2022
Pierre & Vacances Premium
Premium residentie Les Terrasses d'Arsella
Studio Standaard 2 personen - Airconditioning - Ruim terras2 nachten van 29/09/2022 tot 01/10/2022

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Klantenbeoordelingen google_reviews
4.0/5 131 beoordelingen

Laatste commentaar

We appreciated : - the location of the residence, ideally located 5 minutes from the beach of St Cyprien, 2 minutes from the shops, and 10 minutes from Porto Vecchio, - the architecture, well integrated into the maquis landscape, well thought out, and the quality of the outdoor spaces (vegetation). - the swimming pool of course, which does not seem to be treated with chlorine. It is very pleasant. - the fact of having an apartment on the ground floor, much more advantageous than on the first floor: appreciable shade in summer, more privacy because you cannot see the neighbors, separated by a real wall, and the laurels in front also protect from the car park, more space than upstairs with the small synthetic turf garden. - the size of the studio, very suitable - equipment such as air conditioning, washing machine, and plancha - gestures in favor of the preservation of water and electricity: sticky notes in the apartment, air conditioning which stops when the window is opened. On the other hand, it would take at least a 2nd bin for sorting. However, we feel this is not 5 star accommodation for the following reasons: - the absence of mosquito nets which ruined our stay, because we were invaded by tiger mosquitoes (very aggressive). Fortunately, we had brought our mosquito racket in anticipation. She saved our stay, but we spent 11 days chasing them. We regretted not being able to take advantage of the terrace, except at midday when the heat is hard to bear (it's the only time without mosquitoes). Moreover, we found that few people were on their terraces, surely faced with the same problem but helpless. Slats of very simple mosquito nets should be placed on the bay window, and also at the outer limit of the terrace to be able to enjoy the outdoors quietly. We learned that the villas are equipped with it! You could at least provide a racket and products that keep them away. - The absence of coat hooks/bars in the bathroom to hang towels and clothes. We did not understand this lack so basic. It's still a detail but it's really a shame. - Regarding the lights: the absence of a 2nd bedside lamp. The apartment is quite dark. it would have been appreciated. Also the bedside tables are way too small. It would require an integrated table/light system attached to the wall. In the kitchen, there is no light on the worktop. We had to turn on the bathroom to see it when we were cooking. - Regarding the dishes, a dishwasher seems essential. We had to wash the dishes when we arrived, the previous tenants having a questionable sense of hygiene. Likewise, there isn't even a dish drainer to do the dishes by hand. In short, it's still in detail but that really complicates life, especially since it's easy to adjust. Regarding the utensils, the lids are not adapted to the size of the pan. It's surprising for a new home to see such mismatched cookware. In summary, we had a very good stay. Without these annoying little details, it would have been perfect. In any case, it is clear that we will not return if mosquito nets are not installed.


Green Key

Hét keurmerk voor duurzame bedrijven in de vrijetijdsbranche

Green Key
Green Key

Het 'Green Key' ecolabel voor accommodaties; het eerste internationale label voor toeristische accommodaties die rekening houden met het milieu. Het label staat voor kwaliteit in milieubeheer waarbij concrete maatregelen op basis van strenge criteria worden gemeten: o.a. algemeen milieubeheer, water, energie, afval, inrichting van de ruimtes, verantwoordelijk inkopen, en het creëren van bewustwording voor het milieu bij klanten en werknemers.

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