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How do I book with my vouchers?

Your trip is more than 7 days away. 2 solutions are available to you!

- Online on our Pierre & Vacances WEBSITE
To do this, book your holiday on our website The option to pay using a credit note will be offered to you at the payment stage where you simply enter your credit note number and click ""Confirm and pay"" at the bottom of the page. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail and will be contacted by our team if you are required to pay any difference in price.

- Online using your Pierre & Vacances CUSTOMER ACCOUNT at
Go to your account where you can view the amount of your Covid credit note and use it to pay the balance of a booking you have not yet paid for in full. Please note: the booking for which you received the Covid credit note and the new reservation must be associated with the same e-mail address.

Are you leaving in less than 7 days or prefer to make a reservation by telephone?

- By telephone with one of our booking advisors, regardless of the date of your departure.
Once your “future” stay has been selected, contact our booking advisors at the telephone number given on our website. They will discuss suitable options for your next break with you so you can book with confidence!
Once the booking has been made, log into our credit note payment page: and select "Payment", then "Voucher" and finally enter your credit note reference number.

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