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Residence Cannes Verrerie
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7 nights from 25/07 to 01/08

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il y a 6 days sur Google

WARNING HEALTH HAZARD….. vomit and diarrhea in pool and area left unaddressed.

We stayed here with a large family and in theory the idea of the place is great. UNFORTUNATELY, the customer service is terrible. They will not accommodate mistakes with bookings, or reimburse for major inconveniences and delays in sorting out booking mistakes.
SECONDLY the pool area has no shade, zero umbrellas. Little kids suffering from Heat exhaustion everyday at the pool. We spend 4 days at the pool and witnessed 2 little kids throw up in and outside of the pool with no staff coming in to address the issue. Today I witnessed a toddler have explosive watery diarrhea all over the pool edge. I alerted the reception and they said that they don’t deal with that. They said to get the pool guy, he was nowhere in sight…… the mom of the child was then given a spray bottle and 2 white hotel towels to clean up the diarrhea with…… she soaked up as much as she could while attending to her toddler who was dripping with diarrhea…… another family started speaking out regarding this and found the pool guy but he did nothing……. No one came to disinfect the area and kids kept on running through dragging the diarrhea into the pool. Several families left including us due ti health concerns and the negligence of the staff.

This is beyond dangerous health hazard.
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Nasiha Imamovic

il y a 1 week sur Google

DISASTER!!!! Upon arrival, we found the room in an unacceptable state. There were numerous cockroaches on the floor, and both the bedding and mattress were dirty, covered in black hairs and suspicious stains, possibly blood stains. The entire room was extremely dusty, and its condition was nowhere near what was depicted on your website.

Additionally, there were missing lights in certain areas, the bathtub was damaged, and other parts of the furniture were also in poor condition. The overall state of the room was highly unpleasant and did not match the description provided online.

Due to these issues, we were unable to stay in the room and were forced to find alternative accommodation late into the night. Our holiday was significantly impacted by this experience.
On the end we could not stay we must to find another accommodation!
On reception we got answer you got what you payed and gave us some website where we can make our complain!
And the costumer servis is 0 no one contacts us back or reply on our complain!
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Helene Vestre

il y a 1 month sur Google

When we first arrived at the hotel, the reception wasn't open, so when we saw that we got the wrong room we couldn't change before the next day.. And when we came to the room, we had to make the bed ourselves, and it wasn't clean sheets either (had stains and shoe marks on them).

In the bathroom we had one towel each, and we asked to get them changed after three days, we got told that we had to wait 7 days to get new ones.. And when we finally got new towels, most of them were dirty. And with toilet paper, when we got there it was half full with paper so when we were out, and asked for more, we got told that we had to buy our own.

Also when we got back to the hotel after a day at the beach we could tell that someone had been in the room, and been through our things. (This happens so many times, that the last nights we stayed there, I didn't feel safe at all).

We also ordered a package to the hotel, after we got the green light from the reception themselves. When we got a message that the package had arrived, the reception denied that they got any post that day and wasn't helpful at all.We asked if they please could look if any other person had received the package. The receptionist just looked for 2 seconds, and said no. Then we asked the hotel next door if they got it delivered there, but they didn't.. Then when we went to go back into our hotel we could see that they had our package in their hands. Looked like they were gonna take it for themselves.

I saw the earlier (bad) reviews, and the hotel have responded that they are sorry, and are going to do better, can't see that they have at all!
A really long review (had a lot to say), but my point: Stay away from this hotel! It really was hotel from hell for us.
Review 2024-07-02 12:31:23

We deeply regret the numerous issues you experienced during your stay, Helene. It's clear we did not meet our usual standards, and for that, we sincerely apologize.

We take your comments very seriously, especially regarding the cleanliness of the room and linens, the insufficient supply of towels and toilet paper, and the unsettling experience of finding your belongings disturbed. These are not acceptable, and we will be addressing these matters with our housekeeping and security teams immediately.

The mishandling of your package and the lack of helpfulness from our reception staff are also concerning. We are sorry for the inconvenience and frustration this caused.

We understand that apologies cannot change your experience, but please know that we are committed to making significant improvements based on your feedback. Thank you for bringing these issues to our attention.

The Pierre & Vacances team

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Rickard Ekström

il y a 1 year sur Google

Don’t rent this apartment it is disgusting and it is not what they say in homepage or catalog. When we arrived we was spending 2 hours to clean bathroom and dishwasher. The place is so worn down so it should be at one star because of that. Look at pictures and think of the price
Review 2024-07-02 12:22:42

Thank you for your feedback, Rickard. We're very sorry to hear about your experience. It is unacceptable that you had to spend time cleaning the bathroom and dishwasher upon arrival. We strive to provide accommodations that meet our guests' expectations and clearly, we fell short in this instance. Your comments about the condition of the apartment and the discrepancy between our photos and the actual state of the unit are taken seriously. We will investigate this matter and take immediate steps to ensure such issues are addressed. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

The Pierre & Vacances team

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Robert Hasic

il y a 1 year sur Google

*Full Review*

- Book through booking as you can get some discount on your next booking or even get a refund for your booking wallet.

- If arriving after 8 p.m., Contact reception day in advance for keys and all passwords you need. (contact via phone, not through booking, as they are not replying to the messages).

- If travelling with a car, you can ask for a parking key at reception at no extra charge, they will send a message that you need to pay and book in advance, but no need, ask at reception once when there and you will get it for free. Parking is underground and very safe. Tiny parking lots; ask for bigger ones if needed, as I did. (there was no problem with it)

- Check-in time, if booked online, they will ask you for a deposit of € 200, cash or card. Plus you must pay the tourist tax (around € 25).

- Apartments, you have everything that you need to cook and make for yourself, not a standard hotel; you have to rely on yourself with everything and ensure that you have food and drinks or whatever is needed for your stay.

Food is cheap in Cannes; small shops across the hotel are open from early morning to 1 a.m.

This place is like an apartment complex; you won't be treated like some royal family, you will get your peace and no one will bother you.

Very safe for families with children, and the swimming pool is immaculate and pleasing.

Overall 5/5 stars for this place.

And, don't look at nasty comments as that is people who had high expectations (that they will be treated like royals).

For Cannes, no need to stay longer than three days.

Best of luck, Robert.
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