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  • Ile aux Oiseaux d'Arcachon

    Ile aux Oiseaux d'Arcachon

    In the heart of the Arcachon Bay do not miss these few square miles of sand where the birds like to nest. The Ile aux oiseaux or Island of Birds in Arcachon is a natural space which is home to oyster beds and fishermen's huts but also to many species of birds (egrets, curlews, sandpipers and so on).

    Fully tidal, the island measures no more than five square kilometres at high tide, compared to sixteen at low tide. The beauty of this small island is within its unspoiled natural ecosystem. Here man lives without disturbing nature.

  • Arcachon beach

    Arcachon beach

    Arcachon beach extends over 800 m along a waterfront promenade facing the Atlantic Ocean. Located very close to the Arcachon city centre, this beach has been very popular since the 19th century.

    Swimming, sunbathing, sand castle contests, beach volleyball players and passionate idylls are the features of this finely sanded beach with its scattering of small blue and white cabins.

  • The Bell Tower of Mimizan

    The Bell Tower of Mimizan

    The bell tower of Mimizan is a remnant of a former priory church which is no longer standing. The site is a Unesco World Heritage Site, part of the Routes of Santiago de Compostela. The complex was rediscovered only recently and has undergone a careful restoration.

  • Bar de l'Oubli

    Bar de l'Oubli

    Forget your worries and relax in this little bar in the trendy Moulleau district in Arcachon, which stays open all year round. On the terrace in good weather or indoors in a convivial atmosphere on game nights, the place is particularly popular among former rugby players. This tapas bar also offers cocktails and other refreshments.

    A festive place where you will find the young people of Arcachon, and where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the bay as you sip your drink in the sunshine.

  • Cap Pereire

    Cap Pereire

    Welcome to the Cap Pereire restaurant where customers will be spoiled for choice, as three different cuisines are featured here!

    Le Beacher is more oriented to cocktails and tapas, the perfect spot for hip parties overlooking the Bassin d'Arcachon. La Pizzeria brings Italy to you on a plate with its delicious and hearty pizzas served in a pleasant setting that will suit the whole family.

    Finally, gourmets will not feel neglected in the charming Restaurant Gourmand serving gastronomic cuisine that accords pride of place to seafood products.

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