Last minutes: already booked by 7 people since yesterday

Last minutes: already booked by 7 people since yesterday

Premium residence Presqu'Ile de la Touques

Last minutes: already booked by 7 people since yesterday

€ 152
1 night from 03/12 to 04/12  
The price shown is per accommodation, for a Studio 2 people, from 03/12 to 04/12 . In France, the displayed prices do not include the tourist tax.

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Bruce Bracken

il y a 2 months sur Google

A very impressive looking resort, with helpful reception staff. Great location in Deauville, with restaurants nearby, a very good heated pool. The apartments are spacious (although we did have one of the largest available), clean, well equipped and have a great balcony with view on the pool.

Less impressive is that once on your balcony for an unusually warm September period, there are a LOT of smokers all around on their balconies, so if you hate smoke you still get to partake. The patio just near the pool is also supplied with ashtrays.

The pool and surrounds are great, but, for some reason, some person with "security" written on his T-shirt decided to approach - which is fine for security - but got way too close than necessary to check. It got uncomfortable and I was about to ask him to clear off, when he decided to move on to the next group, also getting in there very close. Bear in mind that this is a gated community, you can't just come in off the street.

Lastly, the car park, which provides plenty of spaces and a couple of EV charge points (one for Teslas only, the other for other cars).

The spaces are quite narrow for today's cars and there's a lot of manoeuvring to be done to get in and out. Also the signage towards the appropriate building is confusing.

Nonetheless, we did have a good time there, three nights, but I would not go back for a longer stay.
Review 2023-11-14 09:26:37

We're delighted to hear that you found the resort impressive, appreciated the helpfulness of our reception staff, and enjoyed the great location in Deauville, along with the spacious and well-equipped apartments.

Regarding the security personnel's approach, we apologize for any discomfort caused. Your feedback is valuable, and we will review our security protocols to ensure a more guest-friendly approach in the future.

We appreciate your comments about the parking situation and the narrow spaces. We will assess the signage and parking layout to make improvements for a smoother experience.

Despite the challenges mentioned, we're glad to hear that you had a good time during your three-night stay. We take your feedback seriously and will use it to enhance the overall experience for our guests.

We hope to have the opportunity to welcome you back in the future.

The Pierre & Vacances team

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дмитрий залозный

il y a 2 months sur Google

Super hotel: location, service, price. Recommend
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il y a 2 months sur Google

Extremely disappointing service. We were told (the morning after we checked in) that if we wanted to have breakfast we had to reserve the day before, but not a single soul informed us - nor it was written anywhere on the website of the residence or the email confirming the booking - that it was not included and it would have costed 25€ per person. So upon checking out we were charged with 250€. The lack of transparency is appalling and feels quite knavish. Additionally, when we arrived at the residence (around 3 pm) the receptionist wrote down our phone number and told us she would text us once the room was ready. At 6 pm, after not having gotten any updates, we decided to go back to the residence and it turned out they had forgotten to notify us about the room. It’s obviously such a small oversight, but coupled with the undisclosed breakfast fee (a high one at that) it gave me the impression that the staff at the reception was quite careless. It’s a shame because I loved the room and the appliances, but the deceitfulness (or hopefully a simple mistake without any ill will behind it but that certainly costed us quite a bit) left such a sour taste in my mouth.
Review 2023-11-14 09:08:23

The lack of transparency regarding breakfast charges and the failure to communicate this information upfront is unacceptable, Nóra, and we acknowledge the frustration it caused. We will review our communication processes to ensure that all relevant details, including additional costs, are clearly communicated at the time of booking and check-in.

Do not hesitate to contact us via our form ? We would like to rectify this situation and allow you to enjoy a satisfactory experience during your next visit.

The Pierre & Vacances team

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Mitch Lazzarini

il y a 2 months sur Google

Was under the assumption breakfast was included, and at the end of the week we find out it’s 50 euros per day for a coffee and croissant. No mention of this when we first arrived, just that you need to reserve breakfast
Review 2023-11-14 09:06:32

We sincerely apologize for any confusion regarding the breakfast arrangements during your stay, Mitch. We understand the importance of clear communication, and it is regrettable that you were not made aware of the additional cost for breakfast at the time of your arrival.

Do not hesitate to contact us via our form ? We would like to rectify this situation and allow you to enjoy a satisfactory experience during your next visit.

The Pierre & Vacances team

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L Dilley

il y a 2 months sur Google

The hotel is set up to accommodate longer stays and has a full kitchen and laundry facilities. It's $5 euros to wash and $4 to dry. Our room had a dry rack and large balcony to set out clothes to dry. The hotel has several buildings but only one building is equipped with air conditioning. There is a small playground on the premises in addition to an indoor/outdoor pool. Don't forget your hair conditioner as shampoo and soap are the only toiletries provided.
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