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2 nights from 04/07 to 06/07

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Fi Boyd

il y a 2 weeks sur Google

A clean and bright apartment. It had everything I needed and was close to ski lifts and restaurants. I really enjoyed my stay - and the staff were all very helpful. I will definitely come back to stay here again
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George Pratt

il y a 2 weeks sur Google

Le Britania Hotel boasts all the charm of a run-down hostel masquerading as a supposed place of rest and rejuvenation. Prepare yourself for a laundry list of disappointments as we delve into the depths of this woefully inadequate establishment.

First and foremost, let's address the accommodations—or lack thereof. The rooms at Le Britania are so minuscule that one can't help but feel claustrophobic from the moment they step foot inside. It's as if the architects were operating under the impression that guests were hobbits rather than regular-sized humans. To make matters worse, the décor is straight out of a time warp, with furnishings that look like they were salvaged from a yard sale circa 1970. A special shout out to th 5ft10inch pop out bed with leatherette pop out headboard.

But the horrors don't end there. Forget about the convenience of cooking a meal in your room because, surprise, there's no oven. That's right, Le Britania somehow managed to overlook this basic amenity, leaving guests to fend for themselves with nothing more than a microwave and a prayer.

And don't even get me started on the state of the bedding. If you're lucky, you might be treated to a bed with sheets that only have a few minor tears here and there. However, if you're unlucky—as most guests at Le Britania tend to be—you'll find yourself cocooned in a nest of threadbare fabric that looks like it survived a battle with a particularly aggressive pack of moths.

But wait, there's more! The pervasive stench of urine hangs heavy in the air, assaulting your senses from the moment you enter this prison to the second you flee in terror from your disgustingly inadequate room.

And if you were hoping for a peaceful night's sleep, think again. Le Britania conveniently forgot to mention that there's a pub located directly outside the hotel, complete with rowdy patrons who seem to have mistaken shouting matches for conversation. So, unless you're a heavy sleeper with a penchant for masochism, you can kiss any dreams of restful slumber goodbye.

In summary, Le Britania Hotel is a veritable hellscape disguised as a place of hospitality. From its laughably tiny rooms to its complete lack of basic amenities and the overwhelming stench of urine, there is nothing redeeming about this decrepit excuse for a lodging establishment. Save yourself the misery and book elsewhere—anywhere else—unless you have a bizarre affinity for disappointment and despair.

And to add insult to injury, it's truly disappointing that Crystal Ski, a company supposedly dedicated to providing enjoyable ski holidays, would even allow guests to be subjected to such a dismal experience at Le Britania Hotel. Shame on them for endorsing this travesty of accommodation. This shall be the last time we use their sham of a "company".
Review 2024-04-05 09:24:18

We are deeply saddened to read about your disappointing experience, George. Your detailed feedback is extremely concerning, and we sincerely apologize for failing to meet your expectations.

We extend our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience caused by the size and condition of your room. We understand how important comfort and cleanliness are to our guests, and it is clear that we have fallen short in this regard. Rest assured, we take your comments seriously, and we will be addressing these issues with our management and housekeeping teams to ensure that improvements are made.

We are also sorry to hear about the lack of basic amenities in your room and the disturbances caused by noise from the nearby pub. This is certainly not the experience we aim to provide, and we will be reviewing our procedures to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.

We hope that you will consider giving us another chance to provide you with a more enjoyable and comfortable experience in the future.

If you would like to discuss your experience further or if there is anything else we can do to assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

The Pierre & Vacances team

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Amy Cooke

il y a 2 weeks sur Google

We were originally booked into the Grand Bois with Crystal Holidays. We were then moved to these apartments, which were apparently a more expensive apartment. We were extremely disappointed with how basic and small the accommodation was. This wasn’t even comparable to where we usually stay . Urine smell as you enter the apartment. Sheets had holes in them and stains as did the towels. You have to make your own beds up . . No knives chopping boards or oven. Made it difficult to cook so we spent far more eating out than we had budgeted for . Apartments are snug for 2 let alone 3-4 which is advertised. We were only 2 sharing an apartment but other people we spoke to in resort were 3-4 sharing really not on . We are going to be taking this up with Crystal so will update the review once we hear back.
Review 2024-04-05 09:13:20

We are sorry to hear about your disappointing experience with the accommodation during your recent stay, Amy. We understand your concerns regarding the basic amenities and cleanliness issues you encountered, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

We take feedback from our guests seriously, and we will investigate the issues you mentioned to ensure they are addressed promptly. Our goal is to provide comfortable and enjoyable accommodations for all our guests, and we regret that we fell short in this instance.

We appreciate your understanding and hope to have the opportunity to restore your faith in us in the future.

The Pierre & Vacances team

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Suzie Barty

il y a 3 weeks sur Google

I agree with the latest comment. We have been coming to LT for almost 30 years worst accomodation we have stayed in. Room was so small NOT big enough for 3 adults let alone 4. The sofa bed in the lounge was like something out of pre war times. Toilet Smelt of Urine. Holes in the sheets towels so thin. I would suggest taking your own bedding and towels. No oven just a microwave and a hob. We didnt even have a chopping board and knives we had to go in search of those items. Very noisy from pub ski underneath the apartments. I am making a complaint to Crystal which they are dealing with. I will update the review when i hear back.
Review 2024-04-04 08:31:04

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, Suzie. We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced during your stay. Your comments are important to us, and we take them seriously. We are sorry to hear about the issues with the accommodation not meeting your expectations, including the size of the room, the condition of the sofa bed, and cleanliness concerns.

We understand your frustration and regret that your experience did not meet our usual standards. We appreciate your patience as we address your concerns with our team. Your feedback helps us improve, and we will take immediate action to rectify the issues you've highlighted.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We value your feedback and hope to have the opportunity to restore your faith in our services in the future.

The Pierre & Vacances team

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Mark Blanchard

il y a 1 month sur Google

We were rebooted into this place, which isn't on par with what we had booked.

This is very basic accommodation, nothing like the 4 which had booked!
Review 2024-03-26 12:46:46

We regret any inconvenience caused by the discrepancy between the accommodation you booked and the one you were allocated, Mark. Please know that we take your concerns seriously, and we will investigate the matter further to ensure that such issues are addressed and prevented from happening in the future.

Our aim is to provide our guests with exceptional service and accommodations that meet their needs and expectations. We apologize for falling short of this goal during your stay and assure you that we will take steps to improve our communication and booking processes to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future.

We appreciate your feedback as it helps us identify areas for improvement, and we hope to have the opportunity to welcome you back in the future for a more positive experience.

If you have any further concerns or would like to discuss your stay in more detail, please feel free to contact our customer service team directly.

The Pierre & Vacances team

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