Holiday Village Sainte-Anne
€ 213
1 night from 06/02 to 07/02  
The price shown is per accommodation, for a Studio 3 people - Sea view - Terrace, from 06/02 to 07/02 . In France, the displayed prices do not include the tourist tax.

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tommy (Travelling Teej)

il y a 3 months sur Google

I was going to say I don't know where go begin. But let's just start at the beginning. International check in time for any hotel is 1500, here it is 1600. We arrived at 1545 to be told our room won't be ready for 20mins. OK fine, we went to the bar whilst we waited. Got our key headed to the roomcand its still being cleaned. It was in the ground floor we opened the doors to the outside area its not fenced and only several metres away from a steep drop, dangerous for any child. We asked to move rooms, and was told they already did the planning, eventually they moved our rooms but we had to move everything including the umbrella bed they left in the room for us.
Yes poor poor poor service

The new room was better but by this time we are all tired so we rest and I go to the bar, the staff in the bar were friendly, however if you want table service, prepare to wait a very very long time. You might be able to order your drinks from another bar for delivery. It might be faster.

Now on the following day, we learnt there is zero. I mean ZERO communication between the different departments. The bar was closed so we went to the buffet restaurant to see ifnwe can order a coffee. They said no you need to order from the snack bar it opens at 0800, then that quickly changed to 0830, the time was 0840 and the snack bar was closed, so we asked reception and they said it opens at 0900, and believe it or not, it's still not open l at 0910, I forgot about it for a moment then heard a noise from the direction of the snack bar as I was sat at the pool at 1010, it finally opened. But now here is the best bit, they take orders for food to only start cooking at 1200. I've been to a lot of hotels around the world and I've never seen anything like this, snack bars and coffee shops are usually open all day serving food. Not here, its shocking so even if you order your food the earliest you will likely get it is 1215. But obviously since everyone knows this you need to order the moment they open just to get it early if you wait 10mjns you could wait 2 hours to receive your food as they do t have enough staff to accommodate anything.

So far not having the best experience, but in true French hospitality, there are only surprises, I think my time spent in france I have only had bad experiences in hospitality and travel and tourism industry atleast that are consistent with incredibly poor service

One of the restaurants offers breakfast for 12€ per person for a croissant, pain au chocolat and a coffee or juice... overply expensive when you can drive 15mins up to le Moule and go to one of the best boulongeries in Guadeloupe, Maison Ceres, your pain au chocolat will cost you 1€50
The menu also looked poor, small menu, overpriced, kids menu came to 14€ for a meat or fish dish plus fries or rice and juice and maybe a floup ice pop.

Depending where you are staying on the resort you may have to leave the resort to re-enter the resort to make the quickest route to reception otherwise you will be walking around majority of the resort to get to your final destination

You receive an envelope with no information of the resort on arrival, just a WiFi password
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Bianca Bio

il y a 7 months sur Google

I stayed for two nights with my husband, and even if I live in Guadeloupe, I felt so far from home! The place is made for relaxation, made for leaving you with no worries in mind.
It’s a hotel for families, definitely, but doesn’t lack activities or space for whoever that goes as a couple. There’s two pools with different concepts that allow kids to have fun, and couples to have relaxation, just a few meters away.
The restaurant has a good reception and serves a great variety of food. The breakfast has the best omelets, all kinds of fruits, breads, jams and all. Three coffee machines with many juice machines as well. Really enough for the amount of people hosted.
The rooms are comfortable and cozy. There’s some cute cats being well taken care of by the hotel itself. As an animal lover, it was wholesome to see animals being well treated, having food being changed regularly, well nourished and protected from cars and mean people in the street. Besides, crossing paths with those little creatures makes your day better for sure.
I’d really recommend this hotel.
Review 2023-05-17 10:18:55

We thank you for your detailed feedback, Bianca!

We are happy to read that your stay at our residence went well and that the rooms and food were also to your satisfaction.

We look forward to welcoming you again!

Kind regards,
Pierre & Vacances team

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Steve M

il y a 7 months sur Google

I can't figure out how people give it 1 star, they must hate vacations. Location is perfect, 2 nice restaurants on location. Very large pool to use after a day at the beach. We always had hit water for showers. The facility is older but worth staying at with your family. We stayed in a 2 bedroom with an ocean view.
Review 2023-04-27 14:58:51

Dear Steve,

Thank you for such a positive review. We are delighted that you had a memorable experience and appreciate your positive feedback which will be very rewarding for our team.
We look forward to welcoming you again!

Kind regards,
The Pierre & Vacances team

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Anthony G

il y a 7 months sur Google

Great location, really well maintained despite the age of the place. The animation can be loud so choose your lodging accordingly.
Review 2023-04-14 11:50:42

Hello Anthony,

Thank you for your positive review.

We are happy to read that you enjoyed your stay at our residence.
We hope we can welcome you again!

Kind regards,
The Pierre & Vacances team

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Petr Krekule

il y a 8 months sur Google

Nice place to stay and visit other parts of the island, everything is good just the beach is a bit untidy and you can't swim.
Review 2023-04-05 09:55:03

Hello Petr,

Thank you for your comment, we are pleased to read that you enjoyed your stay in our residence.

Your feedback is very important to improve the quality of our services. Be sure that it will be forwarded to the right department.

We look forward to seeing you in our residences!

The Pierre & Vacances team

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