Hotel Menorca Binibeca (Adults only)
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7 nights from 19/07 to 26/07

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kathy mcdermott

il y a 1 week sur Google

This is our 3rd stay at this hotel and we love it. There are some negative points in some of the reviews. Yes there is a coffee machine in the room but no kettle so we take a little travel kettle. Other than that we have always had a lovely room, large, comfortable with balcony. The breakfast is Amazing! The 3 pools are lovely. And the location is absolutely beautiful. My advice would be 1. Take a little travel kettle if you want hot water, take a tea towel too. You can borrow an iron but no ironing board but a towel on the long dressing table works well. We love this place
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Betty Wilson

il y a 1 week sur Google

Absolutely lovely hotel! Room was lovely, comfy bed, small kitchenette was handy for storing cold drinks and a lovely bathroom and balcony. Room was also kept immaculate by the maid who thoroughly cleaned it everyday.
Access to 3 lovely pools and can hire towels for €10. Pools have lovely day beds and shades to use free of charge.

Breakfast buffet was wonderful, different options everyday - if you ask you can also get lovely warm gluten free rolls at breakfast.
Small cafe by one of the pools did reasonable drinks and food options and staff were friendly.

Location was lovely, after visiting various locations during our stay it made us realise how lovely Binibeca is. Very short walk from the hotel into Binibeca which has supermarkets, restaurants and gift shops.
Free parking on the road outside and a public car park - we enjoyed going to the nearby beaches via a hire car.
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il y a 3 weeks sur Google

Unfortunately didn’t have the best experience at this hotel.
I had to ask 3 times to change my room in which the staff were not very polite and understanding and were ignoring the tui 24/7 holiday lines calls and emails (I had to chase this up 4 times in one day)
I have developed either Covid or the flu from being there - I have conjunctivitis in my eyes. The hotel itself was not clean and the bathroom was diabolical. It flooded the whole bedroom in 2 rooms - the 3rd room was not so bad but I had to use towels to soak up the water whenever I used the shower.
Some members of the staff were highly rude and unprofessional- unfortunately was unable to get there names but was mostly the females on reception - except for one.
The breakfast and location was the only good thing about this hotel.
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David Smart

il y a 1 month sur Google

Room not ready on arrival. Offered alternative but room was mouldy and needed renovating. Next one better but not great. Bar and restaurant service not what you would expect from a 4* hotel. Just returned from an evening out only to find neither access fobs worked. Returned to reception and new cards issued only to find only 1 worked. Think TUI should withdraw this from their portfolio. Will be contacting them on our return.
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Mary Barber-Leib

il y a 1 month sur Google

I am not one to write reviews unless I truly feel the need to warn others. You may be like me and see the mix of reviews here and think that it may be attributed to small group of disgruntled folks who probably have too high of standards - this is not the case.

We arrived on 5/19 - our stay at this hotel falling in the middle of our vacation. Immediately upon entering the room we were assigned, it became apparent that the descriptions and photos posted were incredibly misleading. The room was in a state of disrepair (fixtures falling off the walls, the shower head leaking water when it wasn't on and falling out of the ceiling, stains on surfaces, etc.). It was incredibly small and the layout was not at all what was shown in the photos. The room was on the first floor, a few feet away from a public walking path and the entire view of the sea (which we paid a premium for) was blocked by a giant hedge. We also couldn't access WiFi from the room and it would only connect up by one of the pools.

We went to the front desk to issue a complaint immediately. It was clear from their response that this was not a new issue for them. They indicated we should come back tomorrow morning after breakfast and they *might* be able to move us to another room. We went back to our room to think about it, upset that this seems to be a known issue and that we were responsible for handling, and even then, that it wasn't necessarily going to be remedied. I would also say that it is very likely that changing rooms would not have resolved the issue - what is the likelihood that only one room at a hotel is in a state of disrepair? After an hour of discussing, my husband and I decided to go tell the hotel we'd like to check out and be issued a refund. We wanted to address this immediately and before using any amenities, lest we be charged for consumption and not issued the full refund.

The hotel indicated we would need to contact the third party booking company we used and they would need to then contact the hotel for the refund. We went back to the room and immediately contacted Agoda. The woman on the phone was excellent and she agreed with our assessment of the situation. She asked us to provide clear documentation (photos, videos, etc.) of the room which we did as soon as we hung up. In the meantime, she contacted the hotel. The hotel confirmed our complaint for her. They indicated that she would need to call back the next morning to speak with the manager, who was the only person who could process the refund. We were advised to stay the night and leave in the morning since the matter was not yet fully resolved.

The next morning, we went to the front desk immediately to speak with the manager to confirm that everything was in motion and communication was taking place between the hotel and Agoda. The manager said she had no idea what we were talking about, so my husband politely filled her in on the situation. She then said she was basically a glorified receptionist and could not process the refund; Agoda would need to get in touch with their HQ. This is a direct contradiction to what the hotel staff told both us and Agoda the night before. We checked out determined to not let this ruin our time on the island and proceeded to book another hotel. We followed up with Agoda later in the day to learn that the manager told Agoda they would need to contact the hotel's HQ. It has now been 9 days and the hotel has continued to give Agoda the run-around. Agoda has followed up with us diligently and explained that they cannot get in touch with the hotel's HQ.

We are currently on the hook for a $700 charge when the hotel is clearly (and knowingly, based on the reaction of the poor hotel employees) misrepresenting. For now we are planning to dispute the charge with the credit card company, but that only punishes Agoda, which hardly seems fair.

So, in summary, please heed my warning and do not fall into the trap of thinking the negative reviews are outliers. DO NOT BOOK THIS HOTEL.
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