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Room Standard Double - Sea view to the side - Breakfast included1 night from 24/05/2022 to 25/05/2022
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Room Standard Double - Sea view to the side - Breakfast included1 night from 24/05/2022 to 25/05/2022
Pierre & Vacances
Hôtel Vistamar
Room Standard Double - Sea view to the side - Breakfast included1 night from 24/05/2022 to 25/05/2022

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Customer reviews Hôtel Vistamar


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il y a 3 weeks surG_Google Google


Friendly staff and easy to access. Not much to do there, apart from the beach- very nice beach within walking distance

Review 2022-05-02 16:03:09

Dear Guest, Thank you for this feedback about your recent stay at Hotel Vistamar by Pierre & Vacances. We will consider your comments relating to our entertainment when improving our services. Our team is always pleased to help and we are happy that you appreciated our efforts to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. We look forward to seeing you again in the future. Kindest regards, Catherine C., General Manager


il y a 7 months surG_Google Google


After 1 day of stay my laptop, alongside its battery, got stolen. We suspect the floor maid, as she was the only person going in and out of the room (as per the manager's report of access; we demanded that we see it). Unfortunately, we didn't get our problem solved as: a) it was a Friday evening we found the laptop was stolen b) the person at the front desk said the manager will be on site the next day c) the next day we were told it's a day off, so the manager won't come (we asked that she's called and she did come) d) we couldn't talk to the cleaning lady e) the hotel was closing its activity on the 10th of October 2021 (we got there on the 7th of October 2021) f) we were told the personnel has been working there for a lot of years, so they doubt it was the cleaning lady g) the only means of resolution was to contact the Guardia Civil in Felanitx to file a report h) the 12th of October is Spain National Day, so most offices would have reduced program or would be closed i) there is only one surveillance camera that we saw and that's in the lobby; none on the room floors From a, c, d, e, f and h, i -- you can judge for yourself the motive and process of thought that I, the tourist/customer, wouldn't be able to do anything to get my asset back. Furthermore, we left 1 day before our normal stay end and demanded a refund of the last night. took care of adjusting the reservation to -1 night so the hotel would refund the last night's amount. Of course we still haven't received a dime, as we've battled a corporate style approach, where: the hotel doesn't refund in cash (they don't operate with cash); the Portocolom unit is not independent, main site being in Barcelona or Paris, so they would have to accept the refund first, etc. Google returned several reports/reviews on thefts of personal belongings, money, jewelry and when confronted with them, the manager told us the classics: it may be fake, she doesn't believe it and so on.

Federico Canessa

il y a 8 months surG_Google Google


Totally a nightmare stay, the staff couldn't find my reservation made by a travel agency. I had to pay the first night then magically they found the reservation, luckily they refunded me for the first night paid. Even though the offer was presenting full availability of SPA, turkish bath and sauna, actually was not possible to use them. The buffet is very limited and the food quality quite low. The clear sensation is the staff is not really able to respond correctly and in a professional way to the needings of the customers. Typical mass market hotel for low level customers, it's not a 4 stars hotel at all. I totally don't recommend this hotel.

Lucy Hellen

il y a 8 months surG_Google Google


1. The swimming pool in front of the bar that appears on the pictures is closed. We booked this hotel mainly because of the pool and we are unable to use. Very disappointing! 2. The amount of water the hotel spent washing the floor every single day is incredibly crazy. SAVE WATER !!!

Margaret Lacey

il y a 8 months surG_Google Google


Excellent location for a quiet holiday. Fantastic hotel. Good front of house staff. All issues dealt with. Very clean with rules in place for covid. Loved it.

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