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Apartment Standard 4 people - 1 bedroom2 nights from 05/11/2021 to 07/11/2021
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Premium residence Résidence et Spa
Apartment Standard 4 people - 1 bedroom2 nights from 05/11/2021 to 07/11/2021

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Customer reviews Résidence et Spa


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Very good

562 reviews

Tim Vansteenkiste-Muylle

il y a 2 months surG_Google Google


Swimming facilities lack utilities for babies/toddlers. Overall clean apartment and helpfull personel.

Peter Myburgh

il y a 5 months surG_Google Google


Great accommodation. Very clean and we had a wonderful view of the city and sea. Everything worked in the rooms and living space. Only thing was it would be nice to have plastic plates and cups for the kids and the kids play area needs a lot of attention broken fences not fixed properly and one of the wooden log horses was broken. Otherwise it was a wonderful week there.

Vera Kok

il y a 1 year surG_Google Google


We stayed in a renovated appartement. It looks really good. Beautifull pool with a sunterrace, however not too many beds so you need to be early for a spot. We didn't see any parasols, but also didn't ask for them so don't know if they had them. On the website they advertised with an extra pool inside, but this is not (completely) true. They do have a pool inside, however it is part of the spa and you have to pay €25 for half a day. Friendly staff, speak good English. Easy to rent bikes. The hotel is in a great location. About 15-20 minutes walk from beach. The surrounding villages (Cabourg, Dives-sur-Mer and Villers-sur-Mer) are must see. Cabourg has lots of good restaurants and bars.

Jorn Audooren

il y a 2 years surG_Google Google


My experience here was not so positive. Let me try to break it down: The house was not child safe, the door between the hallway (with stairs) and the living room was removed (see picture), leading to an unsafe situation with our young toddler as he could just start climbing the stairs. I went to reception to ask for at least a baby gate but they had none, telling me it was the same everywhere. However, having a chance to look into our neighbor's cabin it looked like the door between the hallway and the living room was there... Regarding the WiFi. You get free basic internet for 5 devices. Speed is about 2 Mbps, so not that bad. You are just able to stream Netflix on this in basic quality. However you should be aware that certain sites/games are blocked, forcing you to upgrade to the expensive version (25 euro per week) if you want full internet access. Games such as Pubg Mobile, Roblox etc are blocked. Might not be a big thing for everyone, but wanted to mention it. The house was not very clean, with still cobwebs in some places. However I was a bit fearful for fungus as I had read this in some reviews, but that was absent luckily. There is no bar or store anywhere on the domain. The city centre is not that far (25 mins walk) but it would be handy sometimes to not have to go there with a small child. No option to drink anything at the swimming pool either. The swimming pool itself is ok, but a bit crowded, but that was to be expected. The houses are better isolated than most holiday cabins, we had a couple of days of hot weather (35+ degrees Celsius) and the heat was ok inside. However after 3 days we started to notice that it was getting to hot inside, but luckily for us we only had 3 days of hot weather. If you have more you will suffer here. But I've been in holiday cabins that were far worse isolated. Cabin was not very well equipped, for example no scissors to be found. The couch was almost falling apart, etc. The bathroom downstairs really smelled very bad, and letting it refresh for a while with the door open did not solve the problem. The kitchen was extremely tiny, only 1 person at a time could be in there. Not great if you want to work together. All in all, for a premium cottage (as it's advertised) I cannot recommend it. Too many things are not ok.

Anders Damsgaard Serup

il y a 2 years surG_Google Google


Lovely resort high above Houlgate village. Nice warmed pool area.

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