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Premium residence L'Amara
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7 nights from 15/07 to 22/07

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Stephen Lewis

il y a 4 days sur Google

A five star residence but also a five star team who coped amazingly with an unprecedented 15 hour regional powercut starting at 7pm. We were given candles, free coffee and snacks and told recompense would be arranged asap. The staff kept a professional manner despite the overwhelming stress. Bravo !!!

If i were to make one criticism. I would like all dogs to be on leads. Maybe signs would help remind dog owners.
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marine peschoux

il y a 1 week sur Google

Amazingly poor crisis management.
They currently have a power cut (lasting 3days).
Instead of calling their customers before their arrival and thinking of options ahead, they make you drive hours and tell you they are not sure what they’ll do to you.
After waiting three hours with the kids, We have been relocated in an apartment 1 room less of what we paid for, in a very old fashioned, tarnished and unclean place. The apartment smelled like excrements, which was due to the bin not emptied with baby nappies in. There was also blood on the toilets.
After two days we went to ask to the receptionist if the electricity was back. They promised it for the afternoon. When we came back during the afternoon, the receptionist lost her temper on us right away telling us to stop complaining because she has been working here three days non stop.
My parents of 70+ years old are joining us today and we have to have them sleep on the couch for god knows how long…
It is not the fact that they have a crisis that annoys us… it is the fact that they don’t have equivalent solutions to propose to their customers and let them come in without informing them just not to loose their money.
We have no idea how much we will be reimbursed or how to cancel to just go somewhere else…
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annie quick

il y a 1 week sur Google

Everything was closed

Be careful when you plan your trip. They say they open start of july for the summer season, and it is possible to book rooms here but things have barely opened - the walking lifts were closed, it wasn't possible to get a coffee after 2pm anywhere, almost all of the restaurants are closed and the regular transport around town had barely started and was totally unreliable. As you are in the middle of nowhere and the lift to morzine was also closed, its a 50 euro taxi to get anywhere. They either need to open things sooner or just be honest that the session doesn't really start until a week or two later.

It's a beautiful spot other than that.
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Tim Yonge

il y a 3 months sur Google

Generally very good, but little expensive.
The reception staff were exceptional whenever we needed to speak to them.
One tip, maybe leave some rubbish/recycling bags in the apartment to save guests having to purchase a whole pack of them, but only to use a few during their stay.
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Jason Gillyon

il y a 3 months sur Google

Apartments are very good, spacious, modern and have all facilities. However the service is quite poor and not 5 star at all.

First, we emailed before to reserve parking, but they don't take reservations so had to book a car park further away.

Second, check in was at 5pm, we arrived at 6:15pm and the room wasn't ready even though checkout was at 10am so they had 8 hours to clean. No compassion was shown and we were just told to wait for a text message.

Third, we were missing hand towels and bath robes and were told our rate didn't include them even though they were mentioned on the site.

It's a good place, but service needs improving.
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