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Apartment Standard 5 people - 2 bedrooms - Sea view2 nights from 24/09/2021 to 26/09/2021
Pierre & Vacances
Residence Altea Beach
Apartment Standard 5 people - 2 bedrooms - Sea view2 nights from 24/09/2021 to 26/09/2021

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Customer reviews Altea Beach


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Very good

250 reviews

Yosua Prada Luna (Yosh Luna)

il y a 7 months surG_Google Google


Peace and love

Jc Handal

il y a 10 months surG_Google Google


Love Altea. Elegant and fun

alex dh lt

il y a 1 year surG_Google Google



Teresa Grant

il y a 1 year surG_Google Google


View is the best thing about apartments. Tired interiors.

Miss X

il y a 1 year surG_Google Google


⚠️ BAD, I WARN YOU, do NOT stay here! True, the view is pretty and the apartment is big. But it turned out to be a less fun experience... There was NO receptionist when I arrived despite I was told check in starts at 14 h. The phone number I tried to call, did not exist. Fortunately there was a phone number that worked (out of the 2 that I could find on the building), but that was NOT for the apartments, but for Capitania. Fortunately the lady at Capitania (marine port) tried to help me. I then finally got to speak to the woman from reception, but she told me straight that reception doesn't open until 17 that is 3 HOURS later! Did she expect me to wait outside the building with my luggage for this long!? Fortunately someone with a key for the building came then and she (a stranger) helped me to get in. The receptionist then told me she would do me a "favor", let me get in to the apartment! But this was because the stranger knew the receptionist! Wow! Talking on the phone with reception she said that at 17 h I should come to reception with my passport. Did she expect me to do this? Would I sit around for 3 hours for that? How ironic! Here I am paying for a relaxed day off and she expects me to waste half of that!? But that's not all. Then when I was taking my bath, right in the middle of it NO hot water! I waited for about 15 min., still no hot water hours later. Also beds are cheap mattress and when I went to bed, no blankets for the night. What if it had been really cold!? And there was NO way to contact reception since its CLOSED and there was NO contact number! Just NOT OK. And it doesn't end here. YOU MUST CARRY YOUR TRASH OUT when you leave the place, or you may receive an EXTRA CHARGE!? Also be aware that in winter season there is NO PUBLIC TRANSPORT nor even a small supermarket, the place is FAR AWAY from life, quite isolated out here in winter. The beach is NOT SAND, but stones and the pool is so small behind the building in the shadow. Also it was DIRTY! And internet doesn't work... Still it's NOT CHEAP to stay here. If I had known all this, I would have NEVER come here!!!

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