Premium Residenz Les Alpages de Reberty
456 €
2 Nächte Vom 29/01 bis zum 31/01  
Der angegeben Preis gilt für die gesamte Unterkunft, z.B. Appartement 4 Personen - 1 Schlafzimmer, Vom 29/01 bis zum 31/01 .


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Roland Taferner

il y a 3 Jahre surG_Google Google


Lage Top. Zimmer zu kalt

Olivier Seiwert

il y a 2 Wochen surG_Google Google


Very nice location on the slopes in the hamlet of Reberty.
BUT The price is no longer in line with the age of the residence. It was a premium residence…30 years ago.
Either renovate or lower the price.

brenda beggiato

il y a 3 Wochen surG_Google Google


So bad we had to leave immediately.
We were 3 adults and 2 toddlers. I called and sent lots of emails both before that after I made the reservation asking them if the place was suitable for toddlers. They told me that it was. We drove 5 hours, to arrive there and find that we could not go with the car close to the reception or to the building where we were supposed to sleep. There was a steepy icy road and then outdoor stairs to reach the building. Once arrived at the reception the door knob fell off (it’s definitely not a new building) The apartment designed for 6 people was waaaaay too small, but worst thing, we asked 2 baby cribs and there was no space in the rooms for them. The receptionist was so sorry and acknowledged that I was right, we were supposed to leave 2 babies in the living room to sleep, losing even that 1 sq/mt in the living room. No one even in the brochure told us that the swimming pool would have been in another building (to get there we were again supposed to get off the outdoor stairs and the icy road) and during all my calls and emails I always told them we were not there for skiing but to enjoy the swimming pool with the babies and spend some time with the family. Our holiday was ruined since there was no other place available for the week so after 5 hours drive, we have to drive back, with 2 crying toddlers.
Also we had to feed the baby while trying to find a solution and the sink was not even working.
They sell it as a premium residence but a hostel is a much better solution that this.
Hard to find parking in the neighborhood, absolutely not suitable for people with disabilities or with lots of luggage. (Also there is also NONE available in case you need help to reach the room with babies and luggage between snow, steepy road and stairs, even paying it, there was no staff). Worst place I’ve been. Also it’s far from the main area of Les Menuires. Val Thorens is definitely much better and offers better accomodation)

Pascal Malassis

il y a 4 Wochen surG_Google Google



Bewertung 2023-01-11 15:57:16

Merci pour votre commentaire Pascal ! 😊

Au plaisir de vous retrouver pour partager de nouveaux moments ! 😀

Belle journée et à bientôt.

L'équipe Pierre & Vacances

(Translated by Google)
Thanks for your comment Paschal! 😊

Looking forward to seeing you again to share new moments! 😀

Have a nice day and see you soon.

The Pierre & Vacances team


il y a 1 Monat surG_Google Google


First meal in the Alps!
At that time, my friend said that he would bring me to eat cheese hot pot,
What I am looking forward to is the hot pot + milk and cheese in Taiwan!

As a result, after ordering, what was served was a whole piece of cheese, plus a plate of ham, and a whole serving of potatoes

I was confused at first, thinking how could I be full with such a small portion, I paired it with red wine, the more I ate, the more I ate until the whole person swelled up 😂

I threw up when I got back to the hotel. Eating ham and cheese in the snow, paired with good red wine, is really one of the most enjoyable things in life

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