Premium Residenz Les Hauts Bois
326 €
2 Nächte Vom 16/12 bis zum 18/12  
Der angegeben Preis gilt für die gesamte Unterkunft, z.B. Appartement 5 Personen - 1 Schlafzimmer + 1 Bettnische, Vom 16/12 bis zum 18/12 . In Frankreich sind die angezeigten Preise ohne Kurtaxe.

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Jens Weber

il y a 1 Jahr sur Google

Etwas abgeschabt, die Mängel der Spülmaschine hatten wir erst nach drei Tagen ausgetrickst, an der Sella Ronda bekommt man auch mehr Quadratmeter fürs Geld. Die Höhenlage und damit die Schneequalität ist aber kaum zu toppen. Die Versorgung ist Super, der Sparmarkt im Aime 2000 erfüllt alle Wünsche - wenn man nicht aufs Preisschild schaut macht Skiurlaub hier noch richtig Spaß. Die Bahnanreise aus Hamburg hat trotz getrennter Tickets DB und SNCF und 1x Schweinsgalopp durch Paris hin und rück binnen eines Tages geklappt.

Andrea Baschang

il y a 4 Jahre sur Google

Eine typische Pierres & Vacances Anlage aus dem Jahr 2001. Seitdem zwar um das Deep Nature Spa und Sauna /Hamman und Schwimmbad ergänzt, doch so richtig modern ist es nicht. Sowohl die Aufzüge sind in den Wohnungen zu hören, als auch die Nacbarn.
Aber dafür ist man auf 2000 m zum Skifahre und kann morgens sofort auf die Piste. Das Skigebiet ist gross und für jeden Skifahrer etwas dabei.

Émeline B

il y a 1 Monat sur Google

Watch out for stone theft and vacation!!! I think you definitely made a mistake in the wording of your sentence. The refund was made as we indicated to you which should have been your transfer and you should receive it in the coming days!.

You actually gave me a receipt which allowed you to rob me on the spot without me suspecting it. To date, no trace of the reimbursement on my account! Your paper has no value if the money never arrives. I told you by telephone that it was incredibly easy to check and resolve the problem honestly and quickly. At that time, I still thought it was a mistake and not an obvious theft!

You claim that the reimbursement was made without even having checked the Pierre et Vacances bank account???!!! And you dare to tell me that I'm frustrated?! Lol seriously, you who are employees and who condone this, you have no shame!! Tell your legal department to contact me or sue them for defamation, to claim that you are thieves and crooks!!!!

I promised to remove my comments if the problem was resolved, but it's here to stay!! Personally I see this kind of comment I flee!!

Given your level of dishonesty, I have just contacted my bank to activate my legal insurance. They verified that I had indeed been debited for stone and vacation and that at no time did this amount return to my account. As a result, they may open a dispute case. Before that, I must send you registered mail. If the problem is not resolved, they will take legal action to get my money back. Could you please send me the addresses of the service to which I should send this registered letter?
Kind regards, the person frustrated at having been robbed

A Az

il y a 2 Monate sur Google

Beware of theft! It is curious and even worrying that you confirm the fraud of my deposit. You ask for my reservation number, whereas on the phone, when I called you, I didn't even need to say my name. You are very well aware of who I am and what you have done. No, I will not send a private message. My experience of being scammed must be visible to everyone. Despite everything, I promised you that once resolved, I will withdraw my comments. So, advice to people wanting a serious place: if you still see this message, run away! Here is my reservation number although I know full well that your response will just be a cordial response to send me off: 20738725. There you have it, you have the information to resolve and delete this comment as quickly as possible, unless you still have need to know what the weather was like today at 1:34 p.m. to be able to return my money.
Bewertung 2023-10-11 13:41:53

(Translated by Google) Good morning,

We regret your frustration and would like to apologize for the handling error regarding your deposit. The refund of €300 was made, as we indicated to you.

We appreciate that you took the time to share this experience, as it pushes us to be even more rigorous in our daily operations. Our goal is to provide impeccable service to our customers in a pleasant environment.

We sincerely hope that you will view this unfortunate incident as isolated and not representative of the usual experience our guests enjoy at our establishment.


The team at the Les Hauts Bois residence by Pierre & Vacances


Nous regrettons votre frustration et tenons à vous présenter nos excuses pour l'erreur de manipulation concernant votre caution. Le remboursement des 300€ a été effectué, comme nous vous l'avons indiqué.

Nous apprécions que vous ayez pris le temps de partager cette expérience, car elle nous pousse à être encore plus rigoureux dans nos opérations quotidiennes. Notre but est de fournir un service impeccable à nos clients dans un cadre agréable.

Nous espérons sincèrement que vous considérerez ce fâcheux incident comme isolé et non représentatif de l'expérience habituelle que nos clients apprécient dans notre établissement.


L'équipe de la résidence Les Hauts Bois de Pierre & Vacances



il y a 2 Monate sur Google

Beware of stone theft and vacation! I went there from August 10 to 12 with my family. Unfortunately, the person who made the registration made a mistake: they debited the deposit instead of simply making a bank imprint. Not knowing how to correct it, she asked me to come back later so that the manager could take care of it. So I went to reception later, as agreed. However, the manager was not there, but had left a credit card receipt telling me that everything was sorted. To this day, more than a month later, the amount is still not in my account!
I realized this 15 days later and contacted them. They told me they had issued a ticket which I should therefore have received. So I pointed out to them that it was easy to check by consulting the accounts. They said they were going to do it, hence my comment today. A simple request for information would have taken 24 to 48 hours, and it would have taken two minutes of work maximum. However, to date I have no answer. When you don't want to return the money, it's called theft. Or is there another definition?
I invite you to regularize the situation as soon as possible. If this is done, I will remove my comment. Otherwise, message to the next vacationer: look elsewhere, where you won't be afraid of being robbed! Please know that at the same time, I contacted my credit card legal insurance to get what is owed to me, whatever happens."
There is no need to send me an automatic comment asking me to contact Pierre, Paul Jacque. It is rather up to you to contact me, telling me that the problem has been resolved and that as soon as I have received my due on my account, you invite me to withdraw my comment. that would be more professional and logical on your part
Bewertung 2023-10-02 12:52:54

(Translated by Google) We are really sorry for the situation encountered regarding the deposit. We take this matter very seriously. In order to resolve this as quickly as possible, could you send us your reservation number by private message on social networks? Apart from this unfortunate situation, we hope that your stay was pleasant.

See you soon !

The Pierre & Vacances team

Nous sommes vraiment navrés pour la situation rencontrée concernant la caution. Nous prenons cette affaire très au sérieux. Afin de résoudre cela dans les plus brefs délais, pourriez-vous nous communiquer votre numéro de réservation en message privé sur les réseaux sociaux ? En dehors de cette situation regrettable, nous espérons que votre séjour a été agréable.

A très vite !

L'équipe Pierre & Vacances

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