Résidence Mallorca Deya
67 €
1 nuit du 02/10 au 03/10  
Le prix indiqué correspond à l'hébergement seul, par exemple Appartement 3 personnes - 1 chambre - Terrasse, du 02/10 au 03/10 . En France, les prix affichés ne comprennent pas la taxe de séjour.

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Angel Elez

il y a 3 jours sur Google

Our experience in this place was iconic simply because of the reception, from here a greeting to him, today, 1 year later, we remember his identity and we are pleased to have been part of his hotel experience, thank you for welcoming us. The hotel without further ado for hygiene, don't go a kiss!
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mustafa sulaiman

il y a 2 semaines sur Google

This hotel does not deserve a star. If there was less, I would have expressed it as disgusting
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Marionjade Beck

il y a 2 semaines sur Google

Too bad we can't put 0. I only have one piece of advice: run away!
The comments speak for themselves. The room was clean at first glance when we arrived, then the surprises followed: rust on the trash cans and faucet, dishes that stuck, sheets with yellow stains, remote control without cover and so on.
Beyond the dirt, and the cockroaches in the entrance, we can mention the insecurity: the swimming pool stairs no longer hold, try to get out and it will be a downfall. Last night at the hotel: drunk and aggressive people try to enter my room. On top of that, the bay window didn't close.
The establishment dares to demand that we clean the kitchen when we leave: no sponge, cloth or even product, so go and clean with nothing. Surprising for an aparthotel.
No shower curtain = bathroom flooding
Two single beds for a couple, which are shaky what's more.
The equipment is less: 3 plates, 4 glasses and some cutlery, don't count on a colander.
Noisy establishment where people scream at night.
Don't count on the swimming pool either, which is incredibly salty, with everything lying around everywhere, the swimming pool itself whose joints have turned black with dirt, the deckchairs are rotten, you would almost pass through.

This is a scandal and a real shame for a Pierre et Vacances establishment.
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David Gordillo Serrano

il y a 3 semaines sur Google

Pretty. Beautiful place. Unbeatable service
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Victor Piet

il y a 3 semaines sur Google

Where to start ?
The negative: photos just present to attract customers. On our arrival, discovery of a badly maintained apartment, stained sheets (see photo), the bare minimum for cooking... not even a colander! Not even the bare necessities for doing the dishes (no sponge and non-existent dishwashing product in this hotel), holes in the walls, stains on the curtains, the third ''bed'' which can be used as a sofa, excellent for back pain if you want to keep it, a peeling bay window, we don't know if the window wouldn't stay in our hands... we won't talk about the lack of sound insulation... waking up every night by completely drunk energumens. the list could be long!
Some positives though:
The air conditioning works well (luckily!) The location next to the beach is perfect and the swimming pool is pretty good.
Frankly disappointing for stone and holidays which normally reflects quality. Except her!
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