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Audrey Duplessis

il y a 4 jours sur Google

We had a very pleasant stay at the Mallorca Cecilia residence. Our studio was charming, and very well located, 2 minutes walk from the magnificent cove of Cala Marcal, and the swimming pool.
In areas for improvement: the kitchen is seriously lacking in equipment: a small pot and pan are very limiting for cooking anything. We didn't even have a salad bowl to prepare anything, nor even a knife other than butter knives...
We had to go ask for a corkscrew at reception, to which we were told to come directly to reception with the bottle so that they could open it.
Providing a kitchen is a very nice initiative, but it makes no sense if nothing is provided for cooking.
Also, smells of sewage rising in the bathroom, and the sound insulation between the accommodations could be improved.
The swimming pool is very pleasant and calm, however the lifeguard who begins to tidy up and makes it clear to vacationers that they must leave 1 hour before closing is not conducive to relaxation.
However, we still had a very good stay and we would recommend this residence for its dream location!
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Romain Le faucheur

il y a 5 jours sur Google

We had a good stay.
However, there was a smell of sewage in the room... which is not necessarily very pleasant.
There is also a lack of equipment in the kitchen such as a meat or vegetable knife in order to cook properly. Because a butter knife for cutting vegetables is not easy..

Otherwise the location is great.
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il y a 1 semaine sur Google

We had booked 8 nights with my partner, the room is good but we were constantly awakened by the noises of the neighbor or dogs barking. If you want to sleep and rest this is unfortunately not the right address.
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Nico Prd

il y a 1 semaine sur Google

Very good value for money
For 60 euros per night it's very good
But big soundproofing problems

We were on the top floor when the neighbors are calm it's okay but if a child screams in the morning or people when they walk are elephants it can quickly become hell.

I recommend the boulquiess
Otherwise the accommodation is very good, the beds a little hard but that's what we like, it's okay.

As for the reception, very friendly, good advice and I asked to change the pillow because it was too thick without any worries!

For the swimming pool, very clean, although deep everywhere!

Enjoy your stay :)
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Tia Martine

il y a 1 semaine sur Google

We are a group of 8, including 3 small children. The hotel is very nice, we live in an apartment on the first floor and it smells absolutely terrible from the drain. They have tried to fix it but there is not much improvement.

It says on the hotel's website that it costs €43 a week for a "baby package", which includes a chair, bed, etc. for the baby. When we go to reception to ask about a bed and chair, we are told that this costs 40 euros per day for each of the things.

There is a pool at the hotel, where we are not allowed to move the sunbeds to follow the sun. Swimming rings or other toys are not allowed in/near the pool. Although the photos show children playing in and by the pool. It is not allowed to dive lightly with swimming goggles in the pool.
If we splash a little when we bathe, we get scolded by the lifeguard. Although we do not disturb the others around us. So we have to sit completely still. This was supposed to be an adult hotel, it is not suitable for children at all. Incredibly boring. We take everyone around us into account, making sure that the children don't splash on others.

No bathrooms, neither us nor those around us. Because there are such strict rules at the pool.

It says that there is a restaurant at the hotel, but this is not open when we are here, and it is not possible to get food here.

We had been looking forward to a cozy holiday with the children. Incredibly disappointing.

Will not recommend this hotel further.
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