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    • Alignements du Menec à Carnac

      Alignements du Menec à Carnac

      This is a unique megalithic site: there is nothing else like it in Europe. A mere stone's throw from the Gulf of Morbihan, the Carnac alignments are a unique testimony of prehistoric Europe, an unparalleled record of the architectural acheivements of the time.

      The Kerlescan alignments, together with those of Ménec are probably the most representative of this. Over an area 1,165m long and 100m wide, a total of 1,099 menhirs make up the Menec alignments. You can even see some stones over 4m high.

      Take the whole family and wander among these astonishing stones: you will feel like you have travelled back in time to the era of prehistoric man.

    • Aquarium in Vannes

      Aquarium in Vannes

      Dive into an ocean of discovery at Vannes Aquarium. Come take a tour of the world's oceans that will take you from the Gulf of Morbihan to the Red Sea, with a detour through the Amazon.

      The maritime route introduces visitors to the hippocampus of the Gulf, clown fish, piranhas, the blacktip reef sharks, or the majestic green sea turtle. Embark on a voyage to an underwater world and meet its inhabitants.

      Vannes Aquarium regularly organises free events such as conferences or thematic days.

    • Aquarive


      On board of Odet in Quimper, the Aquarive pool houses entertainment for all likes. Amateurs of a thrill will love its winding slide of 60 m long. The well-being lovers will relax in the bubble baths or saunas and the solarium.
      The youngest ones will take advantage of a children's pool and its equipments, toys and slides devised to entertain in all safety.

    • Aquashow


      Come and enjoy a day's sightseeing at Aquashow! This unusual outing comprises the Cité aux Oiseaux (City of the Birds) and an aquarium.

      Aquashow's falconers propose a show featuring birds in open flight. Just above the crowd's heads the birds of the Goyen estuary, diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey and the great cormorant perform an aerial ballet for the viewing pleasure of the spectators below.

      In addition, Kids and grown ups are invited to meet the residents of Brittany's waters. The big pool features large rays and an impressive bull shark. Then there is the touch pool, and the 3D cinema, where kids can learn and have fun whilst being plunged into the Caribbean Sea.

    • AquaSport - SeaFitness

      AquaSport - SeaFitness

      If you want to get moving in an original and pleasant way, go to SeaFitness. You can try out several sports like fitness in the ocean and on the beach, water gym, cardio training, stretching and beach yoga. The sea water lets you work out differently and its benefits are proven.
      Each session is built around 3 stages, with a warm-up on the beach, a 50 minute to 1 hour training session in the water and stretching at the end of the session to make recovery easier.

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