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  • Village de Collonges-la-Rouge

    Village de Collonges-la-Rouge

    Collonges-la-Rouge suits its name very well. Built in red sandstone, the village displays the full colour palette of this stone.

    It was traditional for pilgrims and the faithful to stop in this small hamlet, a stage on the route to Santiago de Compostela.
    Stroll along the narrow streets and as you wander you will discover the church of Saint-Pierre, Vassinhac castle, the Chapel of the Penitents and even the Mermaid House.

    Before leaving Collonges-la-Rouge, turn round and admire the silhouette of this village, dotted with turrets and watchtowers, silhouetted against the sky and the surrounding greenery.

  • Château de Turenne

    Château de Turenne

    Sitting on its limestone outcrop at the gateway to Quercy, the Castle of Turenne is open to visitors.
    In the Guards' room from the 14th century, you can imagine how rich the castle was before Louis XV ordered it to be dismantled. He acquired it in 1738 from the previous Viscount, Charles-Godefroy de la Tour d'Auvergne, the Duke of Bouillon.
    From the top of the César Tower which dates from the 12th century, there is a wonderful panoramic view. From there, you get an idea of the power of the viscounty which reigned as far as the eye can see in its golden age.

  • Padirac Cave

    Padirac Cave

    With its 25 kilometres of galleries, its 99m circumference and 75 m depth, the Caves of Padirac are well worth a visit for their astonishing size!

    The Plane river, a tributary of the Dordogne, which runs 103 below the earth's surface, as well as the gigantic vault of the Grand Dôme also offers amazing surprises and stunning colours.
    Just like many other caves, the Caves of Padirac have been the subject of many legends, the most famous of all involving St Martin triumphing over satan.

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