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  • Océarium in Le Croisic

    Océarium in Le Croisic

    At the Océarium in Le Croisic, the visitor moves among the winged stingrays, sharks and groupers in a completely transparent tunnel. You can watch the penguins feeding, or perhaps overcome any trauma inflicted by Jaws, with a visit to the Australian shark pavilion.

    In a scene inspired by of the fabulous inventions of Jules Verne, you can meet the turtles.
    The lagoon space in turn, invites you to wonder at the colours of the magnificent tropical fish.
    The nursery looks after young specimens, or hatching eggs. At the Cyclades, prepare for a dive to the bottom of the Mediterranean.

    In the touch pool, children can discover a reconstruction of the wild coast of Le Croisic and can shake pincers with a crab! Visitors will leave the Océarium speechless at all the fascinating discoveries!

  • Croisic Harbour

    Croisic Harbour

    With several different basins known as "chambres" the port du Croisic is a sheltered anchor point for sailing boats. From the harbour itself you can observe the isles or "jonchères" ; These heaps of stones were built up over the centuries by sailors who used these stones as ballast in the ships that came to Croisic to load up with salt harvested in the salt marshes of Guérande.

    The quays extend for two kilometres in the heart of the city, meaning that a walk along the harbour front in the old port is always pleasant, the port remaining interesting and lively in all seasons.

  • Le Croisic, aux couleurs des peintres

    Le Croisic, aux couleurs des peintres

    The "Le Croisic, aux couleurs des peintres" (Le Croisic in painters' colours) route invites you to discover the city from a unique and original perspective. It lets you walk in the footsteps of past artists in Le Croisic in the 19th and 20th centuries: Eugène Boudin, Paul Signac, Maxime Maufra, Charles Jacque, Ferdinand du Puigaudeau, Henri Le Sidaner, Georges Lhermitte, Robert Micheau-Vernez, etc. Reproductions of their paintings have been set up along the route. You will find 25 panels.

  • Moulin de la falaise

    Moulin de la falaise

    Built in the 16thth century and renovated in 1992, the Moulin de la falaise in Batz-sur-Mer is still in use today!
    Take a guided visit of the place in the company of the miller: he will explain the tricks of the trade to you and how the mill works.
    You can also buy flour there to make your buckwheat pancakes and discover the buckwheat flour based recipes.

  • Le Grand Blockhaus

    Le Grand Blockhaus

    In Batz-sur-Mer, come and take a step back in time and immerse yourself in the history of the Second World War and the Landings.
    Le Grand Blockhaus is a former command post of the Atlantic Wall, which extends over no less than five levels. It became a museum in 1997.
    A visit to this enormous building allows you to realise how life within this advanced post was organised.
    For the children, games are linked to learning via a treasure hunt. For the older ones, this impressive site is a mine of information on Poche de Saint-Nazaire.

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