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  • Port of Hyères

    Port of Hyères

    The harbour in Hyères looks out onto the Mediterranean, and is a pleasant spot to explore. Numerous sailing boats of varying sizes sit in this sheltered basin. The village is popular place for visiting sailors to stop and explore, along with the Giens promontory and the îles D'Or.
    The port plays an important role in this pretty town on the côte d'Azur. Head to the harbour for a stroll among the boats or enjoy a drink at a cafe and watch the world go by.

  • Olbius-Riquier Garden

    Olbius-Riquier Garden

    Upon the death of Olbius Hippolyte Antoine Riquier in 1868, the town of Hyères took possession of the Clos Riquier.
    In 1872, in partnership with the Jardin d'acclimatation in Paris at the time, the site was transformed into a real acclimatisation garden, where new species were introduced and acclimatised to the local conditions.

    The garden now contains all kinds of Mediterranean plants and palm trees, as well as exotic plants and animals, on a 7 hectare space. There are some very rare plants to discover here.

  • Church of St Louis

    Church of St Louis

    The Church of St Louis in Hyères was part of the old convent Cordeliers. It's a perfect example of the transition between Romanesque architecture and Provençale architecture. The façade of the Church of St Louis has a central door and two lateral doors.

    The central doorway is surmounted by a monumental window rose and the cornice of the building is Romanesque in style.

  • Collegiate Church of St Paul in Hyères

    Collegiate Church of St Paul in Hyères

    The Collegiate Church of St Paul in Hyères is a Romanesque monument that was built in the 12th and 13th centuries. The building has a monumental staircase and a noteworthy Renaissance door.

    Since 1992, the church has been classed as a Historical Monument.

    The building is open to the public and presents several ex-votos such as the Cart Accident of M. Locca in Hyères which dates from the early 20th century, and two reliquaries.

    According to legend, the Templar treasure is hidden in the walls of the Church of St Paul.

  • Villa Noailles

    Villa Noailles

    The Villa Noailles was built by architect Robert Mallet-Stevens in the early 1920s for Charles and Marie-Laure Noailles. After meeting with several architects (Mies Van der Rohe, Le Corbusier), it was the Parisian architect and designer who won the commission. This modern winter villa was finished in 1933.

    The villa has played host to numerous famous people, from Jean Cocteau to Man Ray and even the Russian Ballet.
    However, it was abandoned after the death of Marie-Laure, and the town of Hyères took ownership of the house and saved it from destruction.

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