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  • Ile aux Oiseaux d'Arcachon

    Ile aux Oiseaux d'Arcachon

    A protected site.

    If you are in or around Arcachon, be sure to check out the famed Ile aux Oiseaux or "Bird Island". This is a preserved and protected natural park dedicated to a variety of birds including egrets, curlews, sandpipers and teals. The island is also well known for its characteristic cabins on stilts and the numerous oyster farms that line the coast.

  • Lac ou étang de Lacanau

    Lac ou étang de Lacanau

    A natural wonderland.

    Surrounded by beautiful pins trees, gorse bushes, brooms and mimosas, the Etang de Lacanau is a prestigious natural site in the Aquitaine region. Covering over 2 000 hectares, the pond is surrounded by two "beaches" and a few small canals.

    This site is a favoured spot for joggers, cyclists and those with a taste for nature walks, while the pond itself can accommodate a number of leisure activities. Swimming is one, but you can also try out sailing and wind-surfing. There is even a section specially tailored to water-skiers.

    Come with family or friends for an exciting afternoon at the Lacanau pond!

  • Forêt domaniale de Lacanau

    Forêt domaniale de Lacanau

    The forest of dreams…

    Situated near the sea and not far from the lake as well, Lacanau is surrounded by an expansive forest; the very lung of the region. This is one of the most popular sites for nature-enthusuasts, hikers and those who enjoy a healthy walking, cycling or horse-riding excursion. Altogether there is a 100 kilometres trail network, a completely secure and reliable roadmap that is open to all.

    Incorporating some of Europe's greatest massifs, the Lacanau forest is a vital element preventing soil erosion and sand displacement.

  • Musée-aquarium d'Arcachon

    Musée-aquarium d'Arcachon

    The sea laid bare for all eyes.

    Open since 1867, the Musée-Aquarium represents a two-fold interest for visitors. On the one hand there is the expansive and dream-like aquarium where local species (congers, sea horses, tortoises…) thrive alongside a few exotic species. The aquarium's displays are complete with photographs and short "factoid" texts that give information about a given species.

    Alongside this fascinating world, the museum is a goldmine of information when it comes to zoology. It is specialised in local fauna (underwater as well as land-dwelling creatures), but also oyster farming, navigation (in particular in local waters) and local prehistory.

  • Musée municipal historique de l'hydraviation

    Musée municipal historique de l'hydraviation

    Careful not to get your socks wet…

    The Biscarosse museum, created by Marie-Paule Vié Klaze, is entirely dedicated to the history of sea planes. Being the hometown of the Latécoère Sea Plane manufacture and testing headquarters, this commune will always be associated with these mighty craft.

    This expo will feature a range of documents and objects rich with historic significance: archives, testimonies (of both pilots and engineers), scale models, photographs, paintings, uniforms, motors, rotor blades, spare parts, reconstituted cockpits, radio transmitters… And of course a handful of full-scale sea planes for you to discover.

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