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  • Biarritz city centre

    Biarritz city centre

    Bright, night time set

    Dates to be confirmed.

    Although the Christmas festivities are normally full of joy and warmth, in Biarritz they are the scene of an unusual stage design.

    The curious passer-by, the visitor for an evening or the families going for a stroll are all charmed by the light show which is on display every winter in Biarritz.

    Every place in the city is filled with a different theme and the urban walker goes from one ambiance to another by changing neighbourhood. Yet always with the same magic: image projections, light show and colourful lighting transform the buildings, streets and squares.

  • Biarritz Beach - Grand Plage

    Biarritz Beach - Grand Plage

    Lights float away into the night.

    Dates to be confirmed.

    The seaside town of Biarritz has adopted a rather spectacular Asian tradition, holding an annual Sky Lantern Festival! The idea is to light candle lanterns made of rice paper and bamboo rods. These rise up like tiny hot air balloons using the heat of the candle, disappearing into the night sky like a trail of stars. This popular Asian celebration aims to banish worries and bring happiness and good luck. Watch as thousands of lanterns are launched into the night sky representing so many hopes and dreams. It's a truly magical sight.

  • Biarritz Beach - Grand Plage

    Biarritz Beach - Grand Plage

    A very colourful experience.

    Dates to be confirmed.

    Take part in a race in which all notions of performance and records disappear. This and more is on offer over the course of the 5 km race. The one condition? Bring fun and colour by wearing your flashiest clothes! Setting off from the Grande Plage, follow the illuminated route at your own pace. You will in fact pass right by all the locations making up "Biarritz in Lights" giving you the chance to admire the monuments dressed in their "Sunday best". It's sure to be a highly colourful experience!

  • Biarritz Beach - Grand Plage

    Biarritz Beach - Grand Plage

    A great spot for surfing.

    In the kingdom of the Basque Country, surfing is king and Biarritz is its capital. This seaside resort has plenty of beaches, including Grande Plage, a much-loved spot for riding the waves. Board in hand, this is the place to go. It's steeped in history and was once called The Beach of Fools because this is where the insane were taken on walks to keep them calm. Surf mania lives on here, as the beach plays host to international competitions, including the world championships. Follow in the wake of Kelly Slater and tame the waves!

  • The Rock of the Blessed Virgin in Biarritz

    The Rock of the Blessed Virgin in Biarritz

    From the rock.

    This is an imposing rock that Napoléon III decided to use as an anchorage point in the sea wall of the Port du Refuge that he wanted to build.

    The rock was consequently linked to the land by a wooden bridge (replaced by a metal footbridge attributed to Gustave Eiffel) with a tunnel through it, like the one under the Atalaye plateau, to allow blocks of stone for the construction of the sea wall to be brought through it.
    This rock owes its present name to the statue of the Virgin erected on its summit in 1865.

    The silhouette of the rock topped by its statue is the true emblem of Biarritz. From the rock, you can look out over the whole city, its beaches and its monuments

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