Resort Le Rouret
204 €
3 noches del 29/03 al 01/04  
El precio es sólo para alojamiento (por ejemplo, Estudio 4 personas - 1 zona litera, del 29/03 al 01/04 . En Francia, los precios mostrados no incluyen la tasa turística.

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Muy bueno

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Andres Kamelo

il y a 3 años sur Google

Super bueno
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sandra sarda

il y a 5 años sur Google

Buen sitio. Vale la pena
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Carlos Lopez

il y a 6 años sur Google

Lugar ideal para vacaciones en familia,actividades al aire libre,caballos escalada mountain vine,etc.
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Mathis Nicoletto

il y a 6 años sur Google

Tres bien
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aurelia Wolfowicz

il y a 1 mes sur Google

I put 2 because honestly there is abuse.

We are used to going to vacations where everything has always gone very well but not here.

No one told us that we had to take down the sheets. Additionally, in other stones and holidays (e.g. Mallemort) we do not need to remove them. As a result, for not having just removed the sheets, we were charged €50!!! An operation that lasts 2 minutes even though the apartment had been left in perfect condition!

I obviously made a complaint to Pierre et Vacances but of course no action was taken because it was included in the T&Cs. There is not a moment when they say to themselves that in apartments they let nickels take 50€ to remove 2 sheets, it's abusive! It’s not like there were crowds at the club at the beginning of November!
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