Apartamentos premium Les Hauts Bois
680 €
544 €
4 noches del 16/12 al 20/12  
El precio es sólo para alojamiento (por ejemplo, Apartamento 6 personas - 2 dormitorios, del 16/12 al 20/12 . En Francia, los precios mostrados no incluyen la tasa turística.

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Eduardo Mendoza

il y a 2 meses sur Google

Super bien por acá
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ACF - Formation

il y a 1 semana sur Google

Beware of stone theft and vacation! I went there from August 10 to 12 with my family. Unfortunately, the person who made the registration made a mistake: they debited the deposit instead of simply making a bank imprint. Not knowing how to correct it, she asked me to come back later so that the manager could take care of it. So I went to reception later, as agreed. However, the manager was not there, but had left a credit card receipt telling me that everything was sorted. To this day, more than a month later, the amount is still not in my account!
I realized this 15 days later and contacted them. They told me they had issued a ticket which I should therefore have received. So I pointed out to them that it was easy to check by consulting the accounts. They said they were going to do it, hence my comment today. A simple request for information would have taken 24 to 48 hours, and it would have taken two minutes of work maximum. However, to date I have no answer. When you don't want to return the money, it's called theft. Or is there another definition?
I invite you to regularize the situation as soon as possible. If this is done, I will remove my comment. Otherwise, message to the next vacationer: look elsewhere, where you won't be afraid of being robbed! Please know that at the same time, I contacted my credit card legal insurance to get what is owed to me, whatever happens."
There is no need to send me an automatic comment asking me to contact Pierre, Paul Jacque. It is rather up to you to contact me, telling me that the problem has been resolved and that as soon as I have received my due on my account, you invite me to withdraw my comment. that would be more professional and logical on your part
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Jacques L

il y a 2 semanas sur Google

Seen on Mont Blanc, Plagne Center access facilitated by free telemetro.
indoor pool only and secondary (and tertiary) rooms without windows to the outside
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franck reat

il y a 2 semanas sur Google

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Stefano Pessarossi

il y a 2 semanas sur Google

Still as good. A team at the top which allowed us to spend a good week of vacation in serenity and which knew how to answer all our requests. Thanks again.
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Espera, por favor