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Apartamentos La Résidence du Lac

Tu complejo de apartamentos en uno de los pueblos más bonitos de Francia
Lieudit Coulon Route de Cancon , 47150 Monflanquin, Francia
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  • Monflanquin: uno de los pueblos más hermosos de Francia en el país de las murallas, en el Haut Agenais / Périgord.
  • Apartamentos y casas en el corazón de un parque natural.
  • Piscina climatizada a 25 °C de abril a noviembre.
Ventajas del complejo de apartamentos
  • Piscina exterior
  • Se admiten mascotas
  • Wifi en los alojamientos
  • Parking
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Estudio Estándar 5 personas - 1 zona litera - Terraza 2 noches del 04/04/2020 al 06/04/2020
Pierre & Vacances
Apartamentos La Résidence du Lac
Estudio Estándar 5 personas - 1 zona litera - Terraza 2 noches del 04/04/2020 al 06/04/2020
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Estacion Monflanquin

Todas las actividades y eventos de la estación Monflanquin

Lugares de interés en los alrededores Monflanquin

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  • bars_and_restaurants bars_and_restaurants Bars and restaurants
  • Equi-Age horse riding school

    Equi-Age horse riding school

    Located in the sporting area of Coulondes in Monflanquin, the Equi-Age horse riding school offers you horse and pony rides all year round, whatever your level. Horse riding events are organised by Béatrice, the owner. It is worth noting that introduction courses are offered during the school holidays to children aged between 5 and 12 years old.

  • Musée des Bastides

    Musée des Bastides

    The Musée des Bastides is part of the "Stations Bastides" project that the town of Monflanquin was awarded in 1990. It focuses on showcasing the Provençal heritage. The museum is built as a bastide, and its inside exhibition introduces you to the history of the south-west and its evolution from an urban point of view.

  • Bastide de Monflanquin

    Bastide de Monflanquin

    The Bastide de Monflanquin was created in 1256 thanks to Alphonse Count of Poitiers. Although it remains traditional in the regular nature of its streets, the bastide's oval design gives it a little originality. Carerrots, narrow streets, crossed with pontets (small access bridges) and andrones give the Bastide de Monflanquin its character. And for the visitors, do not hesitate in going to see the Maison du Prince Noir (The Black Prince's House) and the Saint André church.

  • Moulin du Cros

    Moulin du Cros

    The former Moulin du Cros is today the Pain au Grain living museum.
    Come and see the artisan bread production thanks to André and Monique Caumières, the establishment's managers.
    They will explain all the steps in detail, and you will cook a few specialities.
    In this mill, it is also possible to take part in bread making workshops, or find out more in the video room where informative films are screened.

  • Unicoque


    The Unicoque company was established in 1979. Today it is the largest producer of nuts in France. And most of the walnut and hazelnut production takes place at the company based in Cancon, near Agen.
    Unicoque has developed two brands of nuts: Lola Nuts and Koki.
    You can order products from the Unicoque brand on the online store: nut mixes, creams, oils…

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