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Apartamentos Mojacar Playa

Tu complejo de apartamentos frente al mar
Paseo del Mediterraneo, 409 , 04638 , España
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  • Mojácar, un bonito pueblo de casas blancas encaramado en una colina.
  • Complejo de apartamentos enfrente del mar, frente a la playa de arena El Descargador.
  • La piscina exterior, la piscina infantil y la terraza con solárium.
Ventajas del complejo de apartamentos
  • A pie de playa
  • Piscina exterior
  • Se admiten mascotas
  • Wifi en los alojamientos
  • Climatizado
  • Parking
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Apartamento Estándar 3 dormitorios, 6 personas - Climatizado 7 noches del 21/01/2020 al 28/01/2020
Pierre & Vacances
Apartamentos Mojacar Playa
Apartamento Estándar 3 dormitorios, 6 personas - Climatizado 7 noches del 21/01/2020 al 28/01/2020
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Estacion Mojacar

Todas las actividades y eventos de la estación Mojacar

Lugares de interés en los alrededores Mojacar

  • things_to_see_and_do things_to_see_and_do Things to see and do
  • Plaza del Parterre

    Plaza del Parterre

    If you are passing through Mojacar, do not miss the Plaza del Parterre, next to the church. You will discover a place of beauty that is believed to be an ancient Arab necropolis, its remains facing Mecca and the east. Today, you can admire the beautiful porticos which were put in place during the last renovation. In one of the corners of the square you will discover an exact reproduction of one of the scenes of the Reconquista that was recreated in the choir stalls of the Cathedral of Tolède. This reproduction is the work of the artist Itziar Ortuzar.

  • Church of Saint Mary

    Church of Saint Mary

    Discover the church of Santa Maria which was erected in the late sixteenth century, probably on the site of an ancient Arab mosque. Its function then was twofold: it remained of course a religious building but was also used as a fortress, as large blocks of stone will confirm. The interior of this building remains very sober. There is a fresco done in the 1980s by a German artist Michael Sucker, born in 1951, who lived in Mojacar for 9 years. Two of the artefacts stand out in this church, the Virgen del Rosario and St. Augustine, both of whom are patron saints of the village. This is a charming building which blends past and present.

  • Centre-ville de Mojácar

    Centre-ville de Mojácar

    White houses with their traditional architecture, an urban heart of Arabic origin, stair terraces and charming alleyways, a whole historical heritage ... these are some of the major assets of the city of Mojácar.
    Heritage lovers will be delighted to discover the Church of Santa María, the Castle of Mojácar and the dungeon, a witness of the ancient presence of a wall.
    The town’s other major attraction is of a more natural nature: the 5 km of beautiful beaches and the surrounding landscape add to the charm of the area.

  • Castillo del Marques de los Velez

    Castillo del Marques de los Velez

    The Castillo del Marques de los Velez is the most important building in Cuevas del Almanzora. This complex was built as a defensive bulwark in the 16th century by the Marquis of Los Vélez.
    It is made up of several spaces: the Torre del Homenaje, the Casa de la Tercia, the Palacio del Marqués, the amphitheatre and the patio de Armas.

    Following a major restoration, it now houses the Antonio Manuel Campoy Museum, the Archaeological Museum, an exhibition hall and even the municipal library.

  • Sorbas Caves

    Sorbas Caves

    Don't pass up the opportunity to visit the Cuevas de Sorbas or caves of Sorbas. You can choose from a variety of guided tours when visiting this amazing natural phenomenon in the Gypsum Karst Natural Park of Sorbas. There's a large amount of crystalline rock here known as gypsum which has over 1000 cavities (karst). Numerous spaces are filled with shimmering stalactites and stalagmites. There are kilometres of tunnels in the rock, parts of which you can explore with your guide. The crystalline rock reflects the light in a magical way, making this a unique place that's a real must-see.

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