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Apartamentos Villa Romana

Tu complejo de apartamentos con vistas a la ciudad medieval y a la bahía
11 calle Villa Romana, 17320 Tossa De Mar, España
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  • Una ciudad medieval fortificada, pintoresca y única en la Costa Brava.
  • Un complejo de apartamentos en la ladera de la colina que domina la bahía de Tossa de Mar.
  • Una pequeña piscina exterior y un solárium con vista panorámica.
Ventajas del complejo de apartamentos
  • Piscina exterior
  • Se admiten mascotas
  • Wifi en los alojamientos
  • Climatización
  • Parking
Debido a las obras que el Ayuntamiento de Tossa de Mar lleva a cabo en las vías de acceso Pierre & Vacances Villa Romana, por favor contactar con recepción para que os indiquen la mejor ruta en coche hasta el complejo.
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Apartamento Estándar 1 dormitorio, 4 personas - Climatizado 1 noche del 20/02/2020 al 21/02/2020
Pierre & Vacances
Apartamentos Villa Romana
Apartamento Estándar 1 dormitorio, 4 personas - Climatizado 1 noche del 20/02/2020 al 21/02/2020
a partir de 70 100 €
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Estacion Tossa de Mar

Todas las actividades y eventos de la estación Tossa de Mar

Lugares de interés en los alrededores Tossa de Mar

  • things_to_see_and_do things_to_see_and_do Things to see and do
  • Roman villa of Els Ametllers

    Roman villa of Els Ametllers

    The Roman villa of Els Ametllers, discovered in 1914, is one of the most important villas in the ancient province of Tarraco. It was mainly dedicated to the cultivation of vines and the export of wines.
    Two distinct architectural zones emerge: that of the residence (pars urbana) and the agricultural part (pars fructuaria).
    The thermal baths, mosaics, stucco, winter dining room and swimming pool all bear witness to the size of the first zone. The second one constituted the industrial zone with, most notably, the warehouses and rooms where the agricultural products were worked.

  • Fondo Cristal

    Fondo Cristal

    With more than 30 years’ experience, Fondo Cristal invites you to try out its cruises on the Costa Brava. On the programme, a unique perspective of the coast between Cala Giverola and Tossa. Founded in 1985, the company offers an activity that’s popular among people who visit Tossa de Mar. It has two glass-bottom boats and a qualified team to share the experience with you. During your tour, you’ll see caves and beaches and rock formations, not forgetting the seabed itself.

  • Capella de la Mare de Déu dels Socors

    Capella de la Mare de Déu dels Socors

    A little white chapel located in the middle of the busy streets of Tossa, the Chapel of Our Lady of Socorro was built in the 16th century. The fishermen and merchants of Tossa have a particular devotion for it, because it was built and given to the town by a Tossa merchant sailor rescued from a shipwreck. Its simple decor highlights its special features.

  • Cala Pola

    Cala Pola

    A little inlet 4 kilometres north of Tossa, Cala Pola is right next to a campsite. Accessible by car as far as the entrance to the campsite, you can walk to it from there. Most swimmers come from the campsite, making it a lively place. It’s open to all and offers a range of services: showers, supermarket, beach bar... It’s also a start and end point for boat trips.

  • Musée municipal de Tossa de Mar

    Musée municipal de Tossa de Mar

    In the heart of the walled old town which dates back to the 12th century, the Municipal Museum of Tossa de Mar occupies the so called Casa Falguera, also known as the House of the Mayor of Sac (Casa del Batlle de Sac), one of the most prestigious buildings in the town.
    Archaeological finds from the Els Ametllers Villa (Roman period), Catalan and foreign paintings, sculpture and a collection of glass are exhibited n this iconic building.

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