Hôtel de l'Esterel

Tu hotel con vistas al Mediterráneo
2075-3001 Boulevard de la 36ème division du Texas Agay, 83700 Saint Raphael, Francia
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  • Un hotel renovado en un pueblo cerca de un spa y un campo de golf
  • Un enorme espacio acuático climatizado con toboganes, piscina infinita y de olas.
  • Clubes para bebés y niños y un programa deportivo para los mayores.
  • Club para niños
  • Espacio acuático
  • Paquete Media pensión
  • Se admiten mascotas
  • WiFi en las habitaciones
  • Parking
  • Centro de bienestar
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7 noches del 18/10/2019 al 25/10/2019
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Hôtel de l'Esterel
7 noches del 18/10/2019 al 25/10/2019

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Estacion Saint Raphaël

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Lugares de interés en los alrededores Saint Raphaël

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  • Cap Dramont

    Cap Dramont

    Take the small yellow marked path by the sea. This follows the eroded rock, arriving at an overhang. Continue, climbing the path which shrinks. The path then follows the cliff top with breathtaking views. Then take a track to the right which rises and joins the asphalt path.

    Go up to the Semaphore to discover an astonishing view. Lower down, you will overlook the south slope of Cap Dramont. You can make a detour to the Port du Poussaï, which is very traditional and colourful.

  • Landing Beach - Plage du Débarquement

    Landing Beach - Plage du Débarquement

    The landing in Provence is a less well known episode of the Second World War than the Normandy Landings. Yet the Allies also landed via the Var beaches. The Dramont landing beach, near to Saint-Raphaël, is an example of this.
    On the cliff road of Esterel, this pebble beach extends over 500 metres and offers a pleasant setting and a wonderful view of the Mediterranean.

  • Esterel Massif

    Esterel Massif

    The Esterel Massif mountain range was born 250 million years ago. According to legend, it is named after a fairy called Estérelle. In terms of formation, it's likely that during a movement of the Earth's crust, a deep crack formed, allowing lava to rise to the surface, hardening into this strange purple rock, rhyolite or red porphyry.

    Originally attached to Africa, this chunk of earth was separated from it during the formation of the Mediterranean. In the tertiary era, a part of the Estérel began to drift… this was Corsica.

    The rugged relief with plunging creeks and craggy rocks dropping away to the Mediterranean bear witness to this history of geological turmoil.

    The human history of this land is just as rich. Tools, arrowheads and more are on display at the Archaeological Museum of Saint-Raphaël trace this history.
    Just around the next corner you may discover a menhir, a Roman fountain, oppidum or the Aurelian way, which runs along the coast to Agay. In the Middle Ages, Estérel served as a refuge for hermits, including St Honorat, and in the 17th and 18th centuries, a hideout for convicts escaped from the prison in Toulon. Finally Gaspard de Besse, the brigand with a heart, hid his treasure here, and it has never been found.

  • Old port in Saint-Raphaël

    Old port in Saint-Raphaël

    The Vieux Port de Saint-Raphaël is located in centre of down town, continuing the Commandant Guilbaud's promenade or the Cours Jean Bart.
    In the morning, at dawn, the fishermen moor their boats and unload their fish, then go to the fish markets.
    Shaded by centenary plane trees, you'll love to stroll along the quay and admire the splendid view over the port.

  • Musée archéologique de Saint-Raphaël

    Musée archéologique de Saint-Raphaël

    The St. Raphael Archaeological Museum and its medieval church form a space dedicated to the archaeology of the Eastern Var.
    This remarkable historical monument prompts visitors to walk in the footsteps of the first men of the Palaeolithic Esterel up until the metal age.

    The museum's collections, including those from underwater excavations, yield valuable evidence on the region's origins and in particular the Gallo-Roman presence. But the museum itself is a subject of study with its medieval church and earlier remains uncovered by recent excavations.

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