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    • Arènes de Dax

      Arènes de Dax

      In the 18th century the running of the bulls was authorised in Dax but it had to take place in an "enclosed space behind barriers". The arena, in the grounds of the former Cordeliers Convent, was in the shape of a horseshoe. The current arena, built from cement, was inaugurated by the Mayor in 1913. Expanded during the 20th century, the arena can now accommodate up to 8,000 spectators. Restored in 2003, the arena is currently looking better than ever.

    • Atrium de Dax

      Atrium de Dax

      Currently a concert hall, this former casino was built in 1925 and designed by the architects André Granet and Roger-Henri Expert.

      Listed as a Historical Monument since 1986, the golden and silver stucco ceilings and panels of the Atrium are a must see.
      Fully restored at the end of the 20th century and reopened in 2005, the Atrium has been restored to its former glory.

    • Forêt des Landes et de Gascogne

      Forêt des Landes et de Gascogne

      The Landes and Gascony Forest covers approximately one million hectares divided between the Landes, Gironde and Lot et Garonne departments. It belongs for the most part to foresters who produce trees for the wood industry in Aquitaine.

      This immense forest is composed essentially of maritime pines, which were planted massively at the end of the 18th century. At the time, vast unhealthy swamps covered the Gascony Landes. The pines were grown to stabilise the stretches of costal dunes and to sanitise the wet areas of the Landes. Between 1786 and 1793, Nicolas Brémontier, a royal engineer, experimented with pine cultivation to stabilise the costal bar between Le Pyla and Arcachon. By 1801, the process had proved to be very efficient. This success was followed in 1867 by planting 90,000 hectares of pine trees along the bay mouth bar and seeding the dunes with beach grass, thyme and bindweed to complete sand stabilisation.

    • Adrénaline Parc

      Adrénaline Parc

      L'Adrénaline Parc includes different leisure activities for maximum fun, among friends or as a family. On the programme: a 3 hour Adventure route in the heart of nature: 200 workshops and 250 sets of equipment from 5 years old, as well as 20 different circuits, paint-balling with 2 playgrounds, 60 sets of equipment from 8 years old, quad-biking and mini-motor biking from 6 years old. A multi-activity deal, birthdays, stag/hen dos, seminars and groups are available.

    • Mini Golf

      Mini Golf

      Come with your family, at any time of year, and have fun at the Moliets-et-Maa mini-golf.
      In the heart of the Landes countryside, you can practise your swing on the different courses.
      One has 18 holes and the other, for beginners, has 9.
      Young and old alike are sure to have fun on this complex.

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