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    • Citadel and ramparts

      Citadel and ramparts

      From 1681, Vauban was to design a fortified complex for the town of Saint-Martin-de-Ré, in order to protect the inhabitants from any enemy invasion. He designed a perfect square, accessed by a single gateway overlooking the port.

      This perimeter was to house 1200 men. It still features a chapel, a barracks, the officer's pavilion, the arsenal, and the underground bastions.
      An example of Vauban's first system, this small island, along with 11 other Vauban complexes, was classed as a Unesco world heritage site in 2008.

    • Musée Ernest Cognacq

      Musée Ernest Cognacq

      Saint-Martin-de-Ré is the location of the only museum on the island, the Ernest Cognacq Museum in Hotel de Clerjotte. The museum is named for the founder of the Samaritans. In 1906, he acquired the collection of rare or unusual natural history, archives and antiques collected by the islander, Theodore Phelippot.

      Visitors can discover this collection, as well as pieces from the collection at the National Marine Museum, which constitutes the permanent exhibition composed of paintings, ceramics or map fragments.

      The Museum regularly organises temporary exhibitions on various themes. Come discover the exhibition currently on show!

    • Saint-Martin-de-Ré - Fortifications de Vauban

      Saint-Martin-de-Ré - Fortifications de Vauban

      Visitors will appreciate the lively village of Saint-Martin-de-Ré, where life revolves around the numerous local businesses and the famous glacier. This place is also well worth visiting to view the high walls of the Vauban fortifications.

      14km of ramparts bordered by the sea, compose the Saint-Martin-de-Ré walls. Built between 1681 and 1685, by the Sun King's finest engineers, the fortress builds on a vast citadel. This site is remarkably well preserved and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008.

    • Les vignerons de l'Ile de Ré

      Les vignerons de l'Ile de Ré

      Sheltered from the gulf stream, cradled in the mild Atlantic, the fruit of the vines of Ile de Ré ripens slowly in the sun.
      Quality produce coming from a characterful terroir and several hundred years of expertise await you in the cellar of Les Vignerons de l'Ile de Ré. There you will find:
      - local white, rosé and red wines
      - white and rosé sparkling wines
      - white and rosé pineaux
      and Cognacs with delicate aromas.

      In addition, a visit to the wine warehouse is possible in summer. You can also enjoy a tasting session.

    • La pointe du Grouin

      La pointe du Grouin

      From the eco-museum of Loix to Pointe de Grouin, you can ride along the ribbon-like cycle paths as you make your way between sea and marshes and discover the work of the salt workers.

      At the end of the peninsula, the cove-shaped beach, with its small fort watching over, coils around the Point du Grouin. Follow the ballet of the birds: Egrets, herons ... right up to the Port of Loix and discover the last tidal mill on the l'Ile de Ré flanked by its delicate wooden footbridge.

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