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  • Ancien Hôpital de Colmar

    Ancien Hôpital de Colmar

    In the 16th century, this former Franciscan convent was abandoned and it was turned into a hospital. However the building was struck by lightning, and was rebuilt between 1736 and 1744 using some of the stones from the city fortifications which had been dismantled in 1673.
    The hospital remained in service until 1937 when it was replaced by the new Pasteur Hospital, in the west of the city.
    Two IUT departments of the University of Haute-Alsace occupied this building for a short period. Now the building houses the Edmond Gerrer Culture and Media Centre.

  • Automobile museum - Schlumpf Collection

    Automobile museum - Schlumpf Collection

    Fans of vintage cars will not want to miss a visit to the Cité de l'automobile and the Schlumpf vintage car collection. It was in the former HKD textile factory in Mulhouse that the Schlumpf brothers began to collect classic cars. This all-consuming passion occupied them from 1957 to 1965.

    Despite the two brother declaring bankruptcy, the collection was saved, sold to the fledging National Automobile Museum, which in 1999 became the Musée National de l'Automobile Collection Schlumpf.

    The museum has recently been revamped. New spaces were created in 2006, including the entrance to the Cité de l'Automobile, which spans the canal. This spectacular entrance of wood, glass and steel is a fitting setting for an exceptional collection!

  • Bare Foot Trail

    Bare Foot Trail

    Around Lac Blanc, in the heart of Vosges, come and experience an out of the ordinary activity. Come and take a walk in the mountains, but bare foot!
    This Bare Foot Trail is an ideal chance to change pace, take the time to walk and observe the nature that surrounds you.
    This hiking trail is 1.2km long and is located in the heart of the forest landscape.
    A watering place is available upon returning from the walk to wash your feet.

  • Boat trip

    Boat trip

    Colmar is an Alsace village, renowned for its old, very colourful houses and typically Alsace architecture (like Koïfhus). Yet Colmar is like a little French Venice, as its life is organised around the canals which cross it.
    Services have been developed offering boat trips, in order to discover the town differently. Make the most of a bucolic experience and the heart of Alsace culture and come and visit the Little Venice neighbourhood on the Lauch river.

  • Centre de réintroduction des cigognes et des loutres

    Centre de réintroduction des cigognes et des loutres

    Created in 1976, the Stork and Otter Park aims to help visitors learn all about the life and behaviour of these two species. In a park covering 5 hectares you can walk around landscaped lakes.

    While 150 storks have been permanently resident in the park since its creation, since 1991, they have been cohabiting with European otters in the first French reproduction and reintroduction centre. In 1999 coypus were also introduced at Hunawihr much to everyone's delight.

    As well as the park facilities there is a show where visitors can observe all these animals in their daily lives.

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