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Residenz Torredembarra

Ihre Urlaubsresidenz, nur 350 m vom großen, feinen Sandstrand entfernt
8/10 carrer Francesc Gual, 43830 Torredembarra, Spanien
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  • Torredembarra und seine 4 km langen Strände.
  • Eine neu erbaute Urlaubsresidenz, nur 350 m vom großen, feinen Sandstrand entfernt.
  • Geräumige, komfortable und klimatisierte Apartments.
Die Vorteile der Urlaubsresidenz
  • Außenpool
  • Haustiere erlaubt
  • WLAN in den Unterkünften
  • Klimatisierung
  • Parkplatz
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Appartement Standard 4 Personen - 2 Schlafzimmer - Terrasse 7 Nächte Vom 14/04/2020 bis zum 21/04/2020
Pierre & Vacances
Residenz Torredembarra
Appartement Standard 4 Personen - 2 Schlafzimmer - Terrasse 7 Nächte Vom 14/04/2020 bis zum 21/04/2020
ab 500 625 €
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Umgebung Torredembarra

Alle Aktivitäten & Veranstaltungen Torredembarra

Sehenswürdigkeiten Torredembarra

  • things_to_see_and_do things_to_see_and_do Things to see and do
  • Villa del Moro

    Villa del Moro

    The Villa Romana del Moro is located north-west of Torredembarra. Actually much more than simply a villa, this is an archaeological site where the existence of two villas was uncovered.
    The oldest was erected during the first century BC. Decorative and architectural vestiges from this dwelling have been preserved.
    Following the destruction of this first dwelling, another villa was erected and was inhabited until the third century, when it was abandoned.

  • Routes remarquables

    Routes remarquables

    Strolling through the streets named Ample, Baix de San Pere, Eduard Benot and Carnisseria, means immersing yourself in the history of Torredembarra. These streets are home to several Baroque buildings from the 18th century.
    Visitors can also discover a host of more modern buildings dating from the 19th and 20th centuries.

  • Pere Badia Hospital

    Pere Badia Hospital

    Some may find it surprising that a hospital can be listed as a tourist attraction. However, this building is an example of Baroque architecture which is well worth a visit. It was founded by Father Badia in 1783 to help the poor and the sick of the town.
    One of the highlights of the building is the large courtyard with its lush and exotic vegetation and the Baroque chapel.
    Today, a modern building has been added this ancient structure. It is a care home for the elderly.

  • Lighthouse


    Designed by the architect Josep Maria Llinàs, the Torredembara lighthouse was the last lighthouse to be built in Spain in the 20th century. This maritime structure, which has been functioning since the year 2000, rises above the sea to a height of 58 metres. The lighthouse has the tallest tower of all the Catalan lighthouses making it a must to visit, not only for itself but also for the surrounding scenery which offers you a great escape!

  • Tarragona Cathedral

    Tarragona Cathedral

    Construction of the Tarragona Cathedral started in 1184 on a former basilica, which itself was founded on a 5th-century mosque. At the beginning of its construction, it was subject to proper Roman workmanship before finally opting for the Gothic style. The Tarragona Cathedral portal is admirable thanks to its detailing and rib shape, which sits in a fabulously commanding position atop a rosette. The Santa Tecia altarpiece, made by Father Johan in 1426, is one of the main reasons to visit the cathedral, just like the passage via the cloister and its gardens, as well as through the diocesan museum.

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