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Eric López Cervera

il y a 2 semaines sur Google

First, I must clarify that this has been our second stay, the first was a very good experience, and this has been the opposite.

I must start with the fact that the reservation photographs on the website do not match those of the room. We thought we were booking the same stay, but it was a different one. And of much worse quality.

Leaving aside the cracked walls or the kitchen trim, which kept falling off, the first of the two bathrooms had a shower tray so small that if an adult entered it it would be impossible for them to maneuver inside it to wash. Not that we used it either, as the screen was completely blocked and wouldn't move.

The second bedroom had two beds (one had to be assembled since it was below the other) that were uneven from each other, making it impossible to put them together if desired. This room was so narrow that the closet did not even open with both beds made up. These beds were very noisy, and every slightest movement unleashed a very annoying symphony of squeaks and creaks.

The window blinds could not be opened since the crank did not work and only the entire piece could be moved, which hung on rails, completely clearing the window. In short, either complete light or total darkness (along with the lack of current that this implies), with no middle ground. Likewise, the dining room window behind the sofa bed was so low that it caught on the sofa when trying to open it.

The kitchen, although equipped, was so worn by age that it was impossible to know what power the ceramic hob was on since all the numbers were erased. Not to mention that the wheels were in such bad condition that they were sinking or dancing. One didn't feel very safe cooking there.

The other bathroom, more spacious, had a very slippery bathtub and floor, without any type of handle, so no matter how careful we were, there was more than one lucky slip.

And already, to be a little picky, the light hanging over the dining room table was so low that it prevented us from seeing each other's faces while we ate. It wouldn't be so notable if it weren't for the fact that we are people of slightly below average height, so I wouldn't want to imagine a person over six feet tall there. Additionally, the tilt of the building meant that the open windows were constantly hitting the furniture, so we had to block them with chairs.

They also didn't have a toaster even though they did the first time we went (although the receptionists left us one).

And regarding the service, we have mixed feelings. Maintenance helped us with one of the windows that was stuck when we arrived, and they gave us toilet paper when it ran out as well as the toaster, but every time we went to reception we had the feeling that they were doing us a favor by to be there.

I don't want to blame it on the employees, because I imagine that if we had complaints, we wouldn't be the only ones, and not everyone who complained would be (or try to be) friendly.

Honestly, it's a shame because our experience a year ago was very different. It seems as if they have stopped properly maintaining the facilities as much as possible, or as if they have changed management.

A regrettable experience, I honestly don't think we will return.
Avis 2024-05-30 13:51:50

Estimado Eric,
Muchas gracias por dedicar un momento para compartir su opinión sobre el Pierre & Vacances Salou.

Nos entristece profundamente saber que su segunda estancia no estuvo a la altura de la experiencia anterior y que las expectativas no se cumplieron en esta ocasión.

Lamentamos cualquier inconveniente causado. Nos esforzamos en mantener un alto estándar en nuestros alojamientos, y aunque nuestro equipo trabaja diligentemente para ofrecer la calidad y confort esperados, tomamos nota de sus observaciones sobre el estado de la habitación y los elementos descritos.

Respecto a los problemas con las camas y la maniobrabilidad en el baño, entendemos que esto puede causar incomodidad y tomamos muy seriamente sus comentarios.

Nos alegra saber que nuestro equipo de mantenimiento pudo asistirle con la ventana y que recibió el papel higiénico y la tostadora cuando lo solicitó. Valoramos mucho la labor de nuestro personal y su voluntad por ofrecer un buen servicio.

Esperamos tener la oportunidad de recibirle para ofrecerle una estancia del todo positiva.

Cordiales saludos,

General Manager

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isabelle louveau

il y a 3 semaines sur Google

clean, spacious and functional apartments.
Top notch recap.
Clear instructions for late or late-night arrivals. Ideal locations
Avis 2024-05-21 13:56:15

Chère Isabelle,
Merci pour cet excellent retour suite à votre séjour au Pierre & Vacances Salou.

Nous sommes enchantés que vous ayez apprécié la propreté de votre logement confortable, la qualité de l'accueil qui vous a été réservé ainsi que notre emplacement stratégique.

Au plaisir de vous compter à nouveau parmi nous. Bien à vous,

General Manager

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il y a 3 semaines sur Google

Very well received on arrival but very disappointed when we wanted to request a covered parking space in the evening around 9 p.m. We called Pierre et Vacances because we noticed that there were plenty of spaces available in the parking lot, but the advisor we spoke to on the phone told us that the parking lot was full!
Avis 2024-05-21 13:56:09

Chère Sabine,
Merci pour votre commentaire suite à votre séjour au Pierre & Vacances Salou.

C'est avec un grand regret que nous prenons connaissance de votre déception suite à votre séjour parmi nous et nous vous présentons nos plus sincères excuses.
Nous allons investiguer pour comprendre ce qui a pu se passer.
Les mesures nécessaires seront mises en œuvre afin d’éviter ceci à l'avenir.

Nous espérons avoir l'opportunité de vous recevoir de nouveau,

General Manager

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Betty Lopez Ortiz

il y a 1 mois sur Google

This is the second time I've booked and I'm sure I'll do it again. Many thanks to the whole team.
Avis 2024-05-14 13:52:06

Estimada Betty,

Muchísimas gracias por su reseña acerca de su experiencia en Pierre & Vacances Salou.

Nos alegramos de que su estancia en nuestras instalaciones fuera satisfactoria. Nos esforzamos a diario por brindar la mejor de las atenciones a nuestros huéspedes y comentarios como el suyo son, sin duda, el mayor aliciente para seguir haciéndolo.

Nos encantará recibirle nuevamente muy pronto.
Cordiales saludos,

General Manager

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Virginie Balch

il y a 1 mois sur Google

Very good stay, I recommend!
Avis 2024-05-14 13:51:44

Chère Virginie,
Merci pour cet excellent retour suite à votre séjour au Pierre & Vacances Salou.

Nous sommes heureux que votre séjour dans notre établissement se soit bien déroulé.

Au plaisir de vous compter à nouveau parmi nous. Bien à vous,

General Manager

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