Last minutes: sinds gisteren al geboekt door 5 personen

Last minutes: sinds gisteren al geboekt door 5 personen

Premium residentie Le Coteau et la Mer

Last minutes: sinds gisteren al geboekt door 5 personen

€ 198
2 nachten van 26/02 tot 28/02  
De getoonde prijs is per accommodatie, bijv. Appartement 4 personen - 1 slaapkamer, van 26/02 tot 28/02 . In Frankrijk zijn de getoonde prijzen exclusief toeristenbelasting.

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Jean Paul Brunet

il y a 0 dag sur Google

Despite unfavorable weather (!) the stay was very pleasant thanks to the rental in the apartment in the "Le Coteau et la Mer" residence. When we couldn't go out we were lucky enough to have a magnificent view of the bay of Douarnenez and the Menez Hom in the distance.

emeline bonhomme-metais

il y a 1 week sur Google

Disappointed with our stay, we had booked with a couple of friends for the birthday of one of the children and to enjoy the swimming pool.
However SURPRISINGLY the morning after putting on our swimsuits, the pool was empty and about to be filled.
Do you think that 1 hour before check in and my request to be able to enjoy the pool a little more after check out someone would have warned me that there had been a technical incident during the night and that the swimming pool was not functional….
Huge disappointment for the children!!
The next day the swimming pool was full but of course the water was 20 degrees with no apparent explanation for the other people who arrived in the residence…
Website highlighting heated and covered swimming pool all year round (apart from the technical incident it had only been 3 days since they filled and heated the water in the swimming pool, it takes at least 4 days to heat)
And the most incredible thing in all of this is that the compensation offered was 20%!!!
The argument being that the swimming pool is only 20% of the establishment and that there is cleaning service etc etc (not necessarily super clean either…) for us the swimming pool makes up 80% of the establishment with sight.
In short, extremely disappointed by the technical problem but especially by the non-commercial aspect towards the customer.
Beoordeling 2024-02-21 13:28:44

(Translated by Google) We regret your disappointment following the temporary closure of the swimming pool following a technical incident beyond your control. We understand the importance of the pool, especially for special occasions such as your child's birthday, and we regret that this has negatively impacted your experience.

Your comment regarding communication is legitimate and we will do what is necessary for more transparency in the future.

Our customer relations department took your complaint into account and granted you a refund of 50% of the total amount of your stay on February 12. This demonstrates our commitment to resolving this situation satisfactorily.

We hope to have the joy of welcoming you again to offer you a more positive experience.
The Pierre & Vacances team

Nous regrettons votre déception suite à la fermeture temporaire de la piscine suite à un incident technique indépendant de votre volonté. Nous comprenons l'importance de la piscine, en particulier pour des occasions spéciales telles que l'anniversaire de votre enfant, et nous regrettons que cela ait impacté négativement votre expérience.

Votre remarque concernant la communication est légitime et nous ferons le nécessaire pour plus de transparence à l'avenir.

Notre service relation client a pris en compte votre réclamation et vous a accordé un remboursement de 50% du montant total de votre séjour le 12 février. Cela témoigne de notre engagement à résoudre cette situation de manière satisfaisante.

Nous espérons avoir la joie de vous accueillir à nouveau afin de vous offrir une expérience plus positive.
L'équipe Pierre & Vacances

Mathilde LF

il y a 1 week sur Google

We have just returned from a weekend in this residence specially chosen for its indoor swimming pool: a birthday present for our children. I called the establishment at the beginning of the week to make sure it was accessible. However, there was a problem with the pipes when we arrived on 02/09, obliged to empty the swimming pool...they spent the day of Saturday 02/10 filling it, making us believe, in order to wait, that it would be usable the next day (although it took 3- 4 days to heat a swimming pool). We were therefore unable to use it during our stay and the only gesture offered was a 20% reduction, what a lack of consideration. I can spare you the immense disappointment of the children who were waiting for this weekend so impatiently. The establishment's response: "the swimming pool is not the main criterion for choosing our establishment" no, but what bad faith! Having interviewed several families present, we all had the same observation. Of course a problem can happen but in this case we compensate accordingly and we apologize to customers. It was quite the opposite, we despise you, we try to lie to you or hide the reality of the facts from you because watch out, the icing on the cake on the day of our departure, they completely changed the swimming pool poster by playing on the sobriety side ecological: "The temperature of the pool is set at 20°C" so as not to have complaints and for customers to find this "normal"... what nerve! The observation is that they have a problem with their heating system because the week before emptying it it did not exceed 20°C (customer testimony). A complaint is in progress, I hope that it will be taken into consideration and that customer satisfaction is at least taken into account!
*I'll spare you the dust under the beds, the more than limited cleaning, the crumbling walls... thank you for the incredible view! Too bad all the accommodation also faces north.

Sophie Lemonnier

il y a 1 maand sur Google

Swimming pool and nice accommodation
Location good

David Morel

il y a 2 maanden sur Google

Well located, facing the sea, beautiful beach at the foot of the residence, all amenities nearby. The magnificent swimming pool facing the sea.
Even geduld...