Residentie Les Rives de Cannes Mandelieu
€ 1923
7 nachten van 15/07 tot 22/07

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Zoltán Mátès

il y a 0 dag sur Google

In a very great location, a dog-friendly place. Parking is also plentiful

Robert Janatzek

il y a 6 dagen sur Google

Very great facility, lots of parking, 200 mtr. from the beach. The food offered in the restaurant is very good.
Beautiful complex with pool and children's pool.

kowalczyk ophelie

il y a 1 week sur Google

kitchen and dishwashing room upon our arrival. Very dilapidated bathroom... regarding the swimming pool a definite asset which raises the level of the hotel... provided that it is well occupied by holidaying residents and not those of the campsite located a stone's throw away. Regarding the attention of the establishment's staff, we noticed a lack of empathy.. at the start of the season, an animal kindly left its excrement on the steps of the terrace, we are still waiting for the housekeeping service to this day... very disappointed by the experience especially after a visit to Deauville. To err is human of course, however the price of the stay is excessively expensive considering the services... too bad ??

Emma Maccagnan

il y a 1 week sur Google

Apartment that smells musty, the baby kit is not of good quality.
The paddling pool is not suitable for children, the pool is deep and there are no water games.
The pool is 24 degrees, advertised as heated. Lots of lies.
Very disappointed with this residence.

Rebecca Ponthieu

il y a 1 week sur Google

As P&V customers for many years, we are particularly disappointed with the welcome we received this year.
The accommodation deserves to be renovated, but we know that and come with full conscience.
The place is ideal for us and we enjoy the environment and the swimming pool.
On the other hand, this year we had the feeling of being considered as numbers... or worse... cattle!!
No kindness or consideration from the manager we dealt with! Not even commercial! Apart from the “human” side which does not seem to exist, we must not forget that it is the customers who make it possible to receive a salary at the end of the month!
This mishap convinced us not to frequent this establishment in the future.
Even geduld...