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Residentie Cap Cassis Calanques
€ 825
7 nachten van 24/06 tot 01/07

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Mike ASIAN (Mike Asian)

il y a 1 week sur Google

Freshly arrived, we are directed to apartment 128. I notice that the dishwasher is not working and we are not warned. I go down to reception and ask if there is an apartment. I am informed yes the 130 but the TV does not work. In short, it's off to a bad start and it annoys me to do the dishes on vacation.

mauricette pivetal

il y a 2 weken sur Google

Pleasant residence, very nice room for 4 people.

Ghislaine Pelissier

il y a 2 weken sur Google

Beautiful residence but a little too far from Cassis and balcony too close to each other
Impeccably clean

Laurent Jourdan

il y a 3 weken sur Google

A very warm welcome from the hosts of this residence, a very friendly entrance area and an enchanting setting.

The positive points :
Quiet in the residence (off season)
The swimming pool .
Autonomy in room management.
Hot and cold drinks dispenser, miniardise and a sandwich dispenser, ideal for helping out.

Negative point.

Access times to the swimming pool too short to take advantage of it "when you come for professional reasons" (9 a.m. to 7 p.m.).

No restaurant in the immediate vicinity
No telephone networks in the residence (complicates exchanges with the outside world)

The wifi network is very unstable and despite the change made, I had to connect and reconnect regularly (up to 10 in 20 min).
Proximity to the road of some rooms (there is however good sound insulation in the rooms which considerably reduces noise).

However, it remains a good place which is very friendly in the off-season (the proximity of the campsite gives me the possibility of lively evenings in season

Paul-Antoine Belin

il y a 4 weken sur Google

The residence is only accessible by car. Impossible to leave on foot or by bike. The swimming pool is very beautiful and the exterior layout pleasant. The accommodation is very poorly designed: in a hallway with the sofa bed which takes up the entire width of the living room while the bedroom is too large and therefore empty.
Catastrophic isolation: we hear people talking to each other from one apartment to another.
The wifi does not work and there is no GSM network.
The doors of the residence do not have an exterior handle so you have to go around reception at each exit.
Even geduld...